June 5, 2023

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Pete Davidson appeared in The Kardashians After Freed

Pete Davidson appeared in The Kardashians After Freed

After months of anticipation, Pete Davidson is finally in front of the camera Kardashians!

As we know, the comedian was dating Kim during the months that the second season of her family’s Hulu reality show was filming — from around September 2021 to April 2022.

Across eight episodes, we’ve yet to see Pete appear physically in front of the camera on the series. Some viewers are even speculating that he and the Kar/Jenners have paused his scenes in light of his and Kim’s. is divided in August.

However, the latest installment of Kardashians He proved different, however, as Pete finally appeared on screen.

The season’s penultimate episode documents Kim and her sisters’ preparations for the Met Gala, which takes place in May.

Kim attended the Met alongside her then-husband, Pitt, and the couple posed for several red carpet photos together. “You look so handsome,” she tells him in the new footage before the event. “Like, very nice.”

Well, Pete then remembers exactly how it went when he first tried to pursue Kim — which is a lot different than it is. previously explained He. She.

Back in April, Kim said that Pete approached her at the 2021 Met Gala to discuss her upcoming hosting party at the time. Saturday Night Live, which was a regular at the time. She then said that when he asked for her number to offer some “advice,” Kim — who was covered head to toe in a black Balenciaga gown with attached gloves — was sadly Unable to use her phone because of her clothes.

He was like, ‘Take my number if you need anything. And I was wearing gloves and I couldn’t get into my phone with gloves on, and I said, ‘I have gloves! After hearing that she was “going through a divorce”.

However, judging by Pitt’s recent recollection of the confusing incident, it appears he didn’t quite buy Kim’s “excuse.”

“Remember when I asked for your number at the last Met and you pretended you couldn’t give it to me because you were wearing gloves?” He’s kidding Kim after all Kardashians episode.

The beauty mogul smiles and replies, “I know. Are you asking me again this time? I’m not wearing gloves,” to which Pete says, “Sure, I will.”

“That was actually the nicest excuse ever,” says Pete. Kim steps in, asserting that it was “not an excuse,” but the comedy didn’t stop.

Like, I knew it was an excuse but I remember being in the car like, Wow, she knows how to make someone feel really good about themselves. I thought that was really cute,” he jokes. Kim looks smitten as she answers, “Oh. I just knew. “

Later, we see Kim and Pete discuss the wave of their public appearances as they travel to the Met. The duo had made their red carpet debut just days before Anna Wintour’s esteemed event, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30.

“I really wanted it to be my first red carpet with brown hair,” Kim says, reflecting on the night.

“And like I said, I wanted it to be an event that wasn’t about fashion,” she adds. Pete jokingly replies, “Yeah, I wanted us to get skinny at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but you know. To each his own.”

And candid about the reality of their noisy schedule, Pete admits he found the appearances “very stressful.”

“These are many,” he says. “Very stressful. And do three – or two – in a row? “

Kim agrees, saying, “The killer was two backwards.” “We will never do the White House again.”

And then, at the end of the episode, we finally get to see the extended cut of ~that~ Kim and Pete shower scene I teased in trailers back in July.

If you need a quick reminder, Pete has attracted a lot of attention over the summer yet Kardashians tractor It showed him literally dropping everything at Kim’s behest when she asked him to take a shower with her.

And in the final episode, we see just that. “Let me just ask Pete if he wants a – babe?” Kim says calling him. “Do you want to take a shower with me really quick?”

As we know, Pete just tosses it all away and runs after Kim. Chloe, who was talking to Pete at the time, looks really confused as she asks out loud, “Shower with her?”

A very puzzled Khloé then said, “What just happened?” The entire crew around them also burst into fits of laughter.

When Kim and Bette are done, Khloe asks her sister all about it. “I want to know what you were doing in the shower,” she says.

Kim remains as calm as ever and explains that it was actually just an innocent shower, though he can’t hide the beaming smile from her face.

“That was fast, guys. You can get a lot done in that time,” she said, before jokingly repeating.

As mentioned, Pete’s on-camera appearance in Kardashians It’s been a long time. Recently, in fact, speculation about his apparent disappearance from the show reached an all-time high after fans noticed he had been edited out of frame in one bizarre scene from last week’s episode.

In the snap, Kim visited the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Florida with Pitt, to try on the iconic Marilyn Monroe gown just days before the Met show.

Given that a previously released From the fitting dress it showed that Pete was definitely there, and eagle-eyed viewers were left baffled when the episode featured nothing but a sneaky, flash-and-miss-it shot of his legs and torso.

take to reddit To discuss the edit, fans expressed their confusion at the strange cut. “I cringe at the way they pulled Pete out of Marilyn’s trial-appropriate clothes,” one person wrote. “Just see his ass long legs.”

Another echoed, “It was so funny he was sitting all over the couch while she was trying on the dress in Florida and they cut it off LOL.”

On Twitter, more people questioned the decision, even speculating that some messy drama had played out between his ex thus leading to his lack of physical appearances on screen. There was speculation that Pitt had demanded an on-camera fee after the split, which is why his presence on the show was limited to phone calls and Kim. He tells stories about him.

“The way they cut Peta off the entire Kardashian season, I need to know what happened,” one person wrote.

The way they cut Peta out of the entire Kardashian season, I need to know what happened

Twitter: @maddiecarnahan

A lot is going on, but let’s focus on the most important issue. Pete Davidson has been completely freed from this season of Kardashianssaid another.

A lot is going on, but let’s focus on the most important issue. Pete Davidson is totally edited out of this season of the Kardashians.

Twitter: @kgcurtis

“Pete really isn’t in one episode of The New Kardashians. A third user added that he was on the phone to make a phone call, and he was referred to/talked the whole time, but we never saw him.”

Pete really isn’t in one episode of The New Kardashians. He was on the phone to make a phone call, he was referred to/talked the whole time, but we never saw him 👀

Twitter: @spacedaphne

Oh man they did a really good job of disqualifying Pete Kardashians Lol,” another echoed.

Twitter: @meesh1980

But all is well, and Pete’s new appearance has finally calmed viewers’ confusion! You can watch the latest episode of Kardashians Now on Hulu or Disney+. The next episode, which is the season finale, will air on November 24.

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