June 5, 2023

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Peru proposes chemical castration for child rapists

Peru proposes chemical castration for child rapists

The Peruvian government proposed the use of drastic measures such as chemical castration Child rapistsPresident Pedro Castillo said this Saturday after the chaos in the country over the attack on a 3-year-old girl.

“This government will not tolerate such violent, child sexual abuse crimes and they will not go unpunished. The pain of this family is ours and I am outraged by such atrocities, “Castillo said in a statement issued by the Peruvian Presidency.

The president stressed that “this horrific and inhumane incident” in the northern city of Chiclayo “leads to a massive repercussion as a country pursuing more rigorous state public policy.” They defend the human rights of the most vulnerable. This is a note for minors.

“Chemical castration is an option. We can not wait any longer.” Therefore, in order for it to be implemented, the measure should be included in the criminal law, he stressed, before referring to the prior approval of Congress.

Castillo said similar measures are already being used in countries such as Russia, Poland, South Korea, Indonesia and Moldova. As well as in the seven states of the United States.

“We urge the Republican Congress to support decisive action in favor of the most vulnerable. We cannot continue to tolerate these acts of violence that undermine our unity as a community and destroy the lives of the insecure,” he said.

The Peruvian presidency has noted that chemical castration involves the administration of drugs that lower libido and suppress sexual desire. It is “used as a preventive measure against sexual harassment and as a punishment for perpetrators of such crimes.

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Peru on Chemical Castration of Rapists

The abduction and rape of a three-year-old girl in Chiclayo, the capital of the Lombay region, has angered thousands of citizens. These took to the streets of Lima and other cities last Thursday to demand justice for the boy.

The girl was reported missing by her relatives on April 12, and this Wednesday the National Police found her and arrested the perpetrator of the abuse. He is 48 years old and he has been charged with rape and minor kidnapping.

The National Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that a nine-month remand has been issued against the detainee. “The defendant will receive a maximum life sentence,” he argued.

“Undoubtedly, in terms of facts, evidence and blatant telecto, what applies here is no doubt life imprisonment. This monster attacked the integrity of a man who was just as vulnerable and sensitive as this little one,” Justice Minister Felix Zero said.

The Minister of Women and Population, Diana Miloslavich, took to Twitter to express “full condemnation of the crime against a 3-year-old girl who had been sexually abused” and “demanded the most stern permission from the authorities and the judiciary against sexual abuse.”

This Saturday, Castillo promised that authorities would be “vigilant” about the little girl’s health and that she was arranged to be transferred to Lima with her parents so that she could receive rehabilitation and psychological support in addition to legal advice. And free legal protection.

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