December 11, 2023

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Patrick Peterson says Killer Murray only cares about himself; Cardinals QB calls out his former teammate on Twitter

Patrick Peterson says Killer Murray only cares about himself;  Cardinals QB calls out his former teammate on Twitter

The 2022 season has been a tumultuous one for America Arizona Cardinals more than one way. The biggest lightning rod surrounding the club was quarterback Kyler Murray. This season, he signed a major extension with the team, but that didn’t stop reports of tension between him and coach Cliff Kingsbury.

To make sailing even more choppy, the club is in the middle of a 4-8 season as it’s an outsider looking at the playoffs. The Cardinals also lost their fourth game in five weeks Sunday vs chargerswho scored at the last second and converted a two-point attempt to beat the buzzer.

After the loss, Murray was asked about a pivotal fourth-string interception on a throw thrown to DeAndre Hopkins. In answer, he seemed to take Veiled shot Kingsburysaying, “It wasn’t actually for Hop. Schematically, we were kind of geeks.”

While discussing the latest drama surrounding the Cardinals on “All Things Covered” podcast on CBS SportsAnd the Vikings Patrick Peterson, who played for Murray in Arizona, told co-host Bryant McFadden that the quarterback only cares about himself.

“Killer Murray doesn’t care about anyone but Killer Murray,” Peterson said, in response to McFadden, saying that Murray didn’t seem to care about his head coach given the way he talks about the team in public. “This is just a fact.”

Those comments got back to Murray, who responded to Peterson on social media. On top of denying the perception that he is selfish, Murray said that if Peterson had a problem with him he should contact him directly rather than talking about it on his podcast.

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Peterson spent the first 10 years of his NFL career with the Cardinals and was teammates with Murray for his final two years in the Sahara. Murray arrived in Arizona in 2019 as the first overall pick in the draft, and Peterson left the franchise after the 2020 season, striking a deal with the Minnesota Vikings. During their tenure with the Cardinals during those two seasons, the club could never pass . 500 and had an aggregate of 13-18-1 in the regular season.

While two seasons could be considered a short period of time, Murray clearly didn’t make the best impression on Peterson.