March 21, 2023

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Overwatch 2’s Halloween event is a huge disappointment

Overwatch 2's Halloween event is a huge disappointment

Overwatch Sombra dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein.

picture: Blizzard

On October 25th to November 8th, Monitor 2 Celebrating its first seasonal event since its inception earlier this month: the 2022 edition of its annual week-long week. Halloween horror Amazing artistic production. Like years past, the Halloween Terror will honor the holiday with new skins and Junkenstein’s revenge Co-op themed competition. But what’s really scary about this year Note and watchThe Halloween deals are all those former free temptations now trapped behind an expensive battle corridor.

In terms of limited-edition cosmetics, which have been unlocked in previous years by completing contests, Blizzard currently lists 10 exotic and “discounted” but paid for at around $20 or 2,000 Overwatch Coins each, including Bride of Frankenstein Skin for Sombra and Heavy Metal Executioner Skin for Junker Queen. Limited event rewards for this year’s event Nebulizer and sound lines– There are no bonus forms at all.

Blizzard didn’t say that this would necessarily be otherwise. Before Monitor 2 put up in september, Developer Wrote clearly on his blog That every part of its nine-week seasonal model will be linked directly to a “new battle card, each with a unique attribute and up to 80 unlockable cosmetic layers.”

But it’s different when you read something and see it happen in practice, like telling you that your rent is going to increase and then receiving a bill and understanding it, ohYour rent has increased.

Prices are also confusing. Fans looking to purchase the legendary magical skin of Wizard Kiriko were disappointed, first, by the fact that Blizzard Skin scored as $26 Or 2,600 Overwatch coins, and secondly, that there is no way to buy Only 600 coins. So, to get close to 2,600, you have to spend $30 on 3,000 coins. And again, despite only launching yesterday’s Halloween skins, witch skins are already listed at a 29% discount, down from 3,700 coins never seen before.

“Blizzard did a great job at this year’s Halloween event,” top YouTube caption Monitor 2The Halloween trailer says, “The prices for the skins are going to be absolutely terrifying.”

Overwatch’s Halloween horror this year has to be the biggest fraudulent blizzard ever lol league of legends Pro Oscar Boderick “Selfmade” wrote on Twitter.

“This is the collapse of American companies,” read one of the enthusiastic and popular comments on Note and watch Reddit thread discussing No free skins. All roads lead to Note and watch.

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