July 22, 2024

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“One More Line for the Tiger”

“One More Line for the Tiger”

Trump. It almost works for him, but since modern communication is all about managing emotions, as many approve, the majority vote against him out of fear.

Ice cream dad

Let’s remember that post-truth was popularized by the success of Brexit in the United Kingdom and the emergence of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate in 2016.

Trump is the most prominent propagandist of this fashionable trend in communication to sell facts as lies and falsehoods. His speeches are full of emotions. According to Bill Clinton, he manages two of the greatest fears of American society: racial supremacy and anti-communism. He is a radical and very purposeful.

While Lula warned Maduro, he also says his actions helped make those labels work.

UN chaired by Michelle Bachelet The commission’s report on human rights abuses or the complaints filed with the International Criminal Court are useful support for the interim and Trump-aligned narrative against Maduro.

Those were Lula’s words. That’s the problem with labels. Victims often justify, unintentionally, the things they say against them. An example of this is the rerun elections in 2022.

The Democratic Alliance won the mega election by a landslide. But Claudio Fermin’s candidacy in such a symbolic election boomeranged for them. This served to cement the “collaborator” label for G4. Instead of helping the opposition win in Hugo Chávez’s home state, they did the exact opposite. By any means, they killed themselves.

Have Trumpazos

Trump flies in accusations in Venezuela with little regard for the damage to the reputation of his allies. He allows them to see him as mere pawns in carrying out his plans. What the former US president is actually revealing is that the Venezuela issue will be one of his main weapons on the way to 2024.

Whether it hurts the G4 or not, that’s not your problem. This is a very ugly indictment of the Middle Ages and its allies. Between the defeat of the “magic”, accusations of mismanagement of Venezuelan assets abroad, and the discrediting of the traditional leadership, the situation is incessant crying.

Many of the G4’s detractors are questioning his continued leadership as the leader of the opposition. Antonio Eccari accuses them of being equal to the government. For example, Maria Korina pointed to the replacement of the opposition leadership as one of her main objectives. If he wins the primary, he promises to put them out of a job.

Forgive others

Trump’s speech confirms what John Bolton wrote in his book “The Room Where It Happened.” A former White House security adviser claims Trump even went so far as to say, “Invading Venezuela would be awesome.” And, “Our country is really a part of America.”

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Bolton wasn’t the only one addressing the Trump administration’s policy on Venezuela. Elliott Abrams has admitted that his differences with Mike Pompeo were decisive in the failure of the Oslo and Barbados talks. Pompeo resisted reaching a deal.

Mike Pompeo said in his book “Never Give an Inch”, a sort of balance sheet of his time as secretary of state: “We hoped to make life more miserable for the Maduro regime and its thugs. A deal with the opposition”. Pompeo adds: “At various times, President Trump, John Bolton and I have suggested a military option for Venezuela.”

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper also revealed his story in his book “A Sacred Oath.” He wrote that a meeting between Venezuelan opposition leaders and then-President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of an invasion of Venezuela via Colombia or directly from the United States.

According to Esper, G4 representatives responded to the proposal by saying, “It would be easier if America did it for us.” In the same meeting, Trump commented that Quito was an “innovator”.

An affidavit by relief of evidence

Donald Trump’s statements not only confirm what many of his key aides have already pointed out. That leaves the G4 pretty poor. It can be said that he never cared about the Venezuelan people or their suffering. They are like the stamp of the ruling party as traitors to the motherland. But these types of narratives do not address the fundamental problem: “Is anything of value in politics?”

I think sovereignty is a concrete concept. We have been saying for a long time that the G4 project took our history and its identity in the middle. The struggle against Spanish domination began as a reaction to the French invasion of Spain. In its development it went from a kind of civil war to an actual war against Spanish domination. That is Manuel Caballero’s thesis.

In the past days, I watched a video of former President Alan García where he said that at the Battle of Ayacucho, the royal army was almost entirely made up of indigenous people, laborers and Peruvian slaves.

There are certainly historians who point out that Bolivar and San Martín were financed by the British who were at odds with the Spanish for control of markets in Europe. But our freedom wars were not fought by any foreign army. They are the work of Latin Americans and none other.

Beloved motherland

Perhaps the most enduring characteristic of our people is love of country and the defense of our sovereignty without any other consideration. Manuel Felipe Sierra says that all our internal conflicts in the history of Venezuela have been run by the Cadillos.

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The Palke invasion against Gómez was led by General Roman Delgado Salbot. Garupanazo or portenazo, Manuel Felipe notes, are uprisings inspired by the Cuban Revolution. But these efforts were driven by leaders of Venezuela’s Communist Party, not Fidel.

Manuel Felipe Sierra says that an invasion against Perez Jimenez was being prepared before the fall of the dictatorship, and that Romulo Betancourt was the leader of the plot.

AD’s founder used to say: “…when Venezuela needed liberators it didn’t import them, it gave birth to them.” Although some people don’t know it, we have the army that liberated Venezuela today. There may be many or few of the members of the civil-military alliance that rules our country today, but it remains the same entity.

A heroic legacy

Bolivar was the father of the nation and studied at the military academy. It was used by Páez, Guzmán Blanco, Gómez, López Contreras, Medina or Pérez Jiménez as the emblem or banner of their governments. When the liberator was planted in the hearts of the Venezuelan people they wanted to use it.

It represents the symbol of the Republic. In his book “Venezuela Politica y Petroleo”, Romulo Betancourt, heirs of the war of independence, AD. Bolívar was not a chavista or a socialist or anything like that. He lived in a time when the ideas of Voltaire and Rousseau prevailed. Marx was never born.

So it is very unfortunate that a section of the opposition is planning to invade Venezuela. Sovereignty is a principle, one of the keys to democratic thinking. Chavismo cannot hate it because it considers it one of its main flags. If anything, that will be its Russian day’s strength and the opposition’s weakness.

The new leadership should be clear on the policy for fans. Who are the US Marines going to shoot when they invade Venezuela? Migration occurs due to economic problems. And for underestimating Venezuela’s potential to advance. It should be fixed.

War zone

By replacing the CNE, as announced today, the primary is complicated. The situation is going to force the fact that Maria Corina will set up some tents in the squares of the election corridor and from there the candidate of that sector of the opposition will emerge. More often than not, the call will be broken, and he will either win by defeat or praise.

When the river sounds…

From Diostado’s statement, the ruling party must have received information that whatever the condition, Mrs. Machado’s participation in the CNE was going to be in the consultation. Machines and blurring their supposed synchronicity.

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Amid such confusion, we should not be surprised if the elections are brought to the first semester of 2024 or something like that. It runs. In this universe of tactics, unity does not solve problems, it shows a lack of thought and strategic planning. When the ruling party acts or in restored scenes, its opponents live in the same fight.

If you really want to fight in 2024, you need to break these two strangling tendencies of the opposition once and for all. Groups that obey Americans and groups that appear to be closely associated with the government. The sign of the exchange offer must be plural and clear.

If the democratic opposition parties really want to be in power, they should leave the debate about which is the biggest party of dwarfs and talk to the country. Provide bottom-up leadership and a compelling pitch. Zero Post Truth.

An electoral victory has the potential to avoid the complications and potential for conflict with forces closer to Chavismo. Study AN, TSJ, Prosecutor’s Office, Media, PSUV and other structures.


Returning to politics involves ceasing to do the usual, the more predictable. Urgent is a surprise, an original and original flight project, which aims to free the country from the crisis and improve the living conditions of the Venezuelan people. Ride in positive emotion.

For the past few days, efforts have been made to hold a meeting between the G4 and the ruling party to resolve issues such as foreign assets, election date, disqualification etc. They filmed the change of rectors of the CNE as they appeared on stage. The new system should have one rector from the unitary platform and another from other forces.

The government continues to attack. Tania D’Amelio and Francisco Ameliach seem like potential leaders of the organization. One section of the opposition is promoting the resignation of Marquez and Picon, while another is facilitating an agreement with the G4 and leaving the field open.

The reality is that the primaries will be connected, which will help candidates like Conte del Guacharo or Manuel Rosales to move towards the D and E segments, where they have the potential to grow. Extremism is the absolute characteristic of Maria Corina.

If the primaries go awry, it is not the fault of the primary commission, which has made several attempts to bring order amid such chaos.