December 5, 2023

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NXT Recap and Reaction (October 4, 2022): This is their brutality

NXT Recap and Reaction (October 4, 2022): This is their brutality

NXT is back in black and gold, and live this week!

Claire also lives, blogging away on to enjoy reading while I’m going to connect the dots and tell you what it all means.

Let’s talk about NXT!

fight club

It’s weird seeing Pete Dunn back in NXT as Butch. Even weirder because NXT relies so much on continuity and not pretending that fans have memories of a goldfish. But here we are. Holland Ridge and Dunn Butch achieved NXT’s return as a contender for Pretty Deadly’s NXT Tag Team Championship.

In typical Brawling Brutes fashion, that was pretty cool. Pretty Deadly isn’t just a slouch, but the Brutes raise the bar for everyone else’s game. Which is great for them and their opponents any night. Butch and Ridge didn’t win this match but they look incredibly strong when they play Strict rules bout with Imperium. They took control of the opening bell. Butch smashed both PD members like fractures, while Ridge knocked everyone out.

And that’s fine for Pretty Deadly because they aren’t the strongest tag team or the fastest. They take advantage of situations and always put the odds in their favor one way or another.

To this point, the storytelling here has been very good. The more Pretty Deadly struggled, the more they tried to keep them out. Try to get the verdict! They tried to catch them doing the smartest things that might make the ref ring the bell, but the referee either didn’t notice or moved out of the way. It showed how desperate these two are in retaining their titles and how underestimated Butch and Holland are.

If Imperium doesn’t step in, you’ll have new NXT tag champions. But they did. This quick example distracted the savages long enough for Pretty Deadly to make use of a little spilled milk. But brutality hardly paid any attention.

Their focus was all on Imperium at that point, so the four men sparred outside the ring while Pretty Deadly met new challengers at Briggs & Jensen and Edris Enofe & Malik Blade. I love that Enofe & Blade are finally doing something with the essence. I also love that Briggs & Jensen stays in the title picture. I miss Fallon Henley on their side but I get it. This is not her fight.

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This was an invigorating main event that created both teams, divided into Strict rules, and set Pretty Deadly on the road to new obstacles. Strong booking all around. Sometimes keeping it simple is really the right move.


Back in effect

Carmelo Hayes needed W over Oro Mensa. Champion A, despite what he says, was in the losing streak. And he came at the worst possible time since he competed for the North American Championship in a ladder match in Halloween ruin. Mensa, minus one rope maneuver that nearly ended poorly, worked out a smooth game against Hayes. It’s hard to call anything with Hayes less than solid at this point, but he wasn’t one of his star performers. The fact that I say this is evidence of Milo’s work.

On the wise side, Trek Williams stepped in and took another shot for Milo, showing his worth once again, and setting the stage for what he may or may not do during the next ladder match.

Here comes a new challenger!

Zoe Stark and Nikita Lyons. Two women want nothing more than to prove that they are a true tag team. More than just a real tag team, they want to show that they are an amazing team. Toxic Attraction wants its titles back, as simple as that. Gigi Doolin and Jesse Jane did nothing but torture anyone who came close to inhaling what they believed to be their gold.

And for a moment, it looked like they were on their way to becoming the number one contenders again. Toxic Attraction is a great team. These two women know each other from the inside out, and that’s always part of the storytelling. So when they battle less experienced teams, they usually win. They play their game while the other team does not know the name of the game they are playing. But like I said, this almost worked this week.

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Zoe and Nikita Katana Chance and Kayden Carter face off for titles because they really are a team. Most importantly, they are the physically strongest team. Zoey & Nikkita eventually beat their opponents while playing on Zoey’s experience with tag team wrestling.

While I prefer the heel team versus the flip team for the championships, this seems like an easy way to get some gold in Nikita. Having said that, I really think those belts should stay with Carter & Chance for at least a little bit longer. They will go into this match as underdogs, which is exactly what they like and what works best for them as champions. bring it.

This is something that happened

I love the Apollo cruise. I love Grayson Waller. I don’t like what they’re doing with this row now. The fact that it was the last photo of a piece is mostly about Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez Halloween ruin The match makes it even more annoying. Cora and Roxanne hosted the Grayson Waller Effect, constantly cutting each other down and doing a great job of showing how much they hate each other.

That hatred moved to another level during their riven quarrel. Breaking wrestlers apart by security is always a good move. The weapon match is perfect for these two.

But let’s go back to Waller and Crews. Appearing disguised as an NXT security, Apollo pulled Waller under the ring, then applied red food dye around his eyes to make it look like his eyes were bleeding. However, somehow, Waller’s vision was fascinating enough to see Apollo walking toward him as he stepped back in the most straight lines to get to the locker room. I just think both guys are better than this ridiculous.

for him?

See you nxt. He put Von Wagner in a match with Andre Chase to get me interested in a Von Wagner match. You are not smooth. But she succeeded. Chase did his best to position Wagner as a monster. But I still didn’t buy it. I think the wrong person won. Chase is really over and you should be in a prime location. Especially after installing Hayes. Wagner does the fetch and they keep trying to do the fetch.

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legend milk

Wendy Chu defeated Lash Legend. Lash gets better Wendy is Wendy. This wasn’t much to talk about but it served its purpose.

blink and lost it

Brutus Creed gets hurt, thanks to Damon Kemp. Duke Hudson rubbed salt into a diamond mine wound. “No, bravo,” Julius said and challenged Duke to a match. The match was shorter than the time it took to write those sentences. Julius Duke crushed him, then both brothers eventually beat him up. Wow, poor Duke. He needs to get back to the card tables.

The only news from the clip is Julius and Kemp V Halloween ruin It is now an ambulance match. If Julius loses, Brutus leaves NXT. Julius had the line of the night: “If you call me, I answer the first ring.”

Very dope, sir.

Now joy, in my world …

Xyon Quinn won, everyone! Yes, it was against Hank Walker, the soccer player turned security guard turned wrestler, but a good role deserves another. But still, Quinn’s win in a good match is perfectly set up for a feud with Quincy Elliott, Hank’s new friend and someone Zion doesn’t like. Which means Xyon will win the battle but will likely take several Ls in the war. The friendship between Quincy and Hank is the only fun thing here.

Except for a few matches, this was a solid outing for the brand in black and yellow. Nothing mind blowing, but we have new matches for next week, more building towards Halloween ruinAlba Fire Mandy Rose was kidnapped. People really need to stay out of this parking lot. Especially when a person using a bat roams freely.

B degree

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.