July 14, 2024

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Nuclear and oil deal: Why are some officials in the Maduro regime so skeptical of Iran?

Nuclear and oil deal: Why are some officials in the Maduro regime so skeptical of Iran?
Some officials in the Nicolas Maduro regime believe it is time to end its dependence on Iran to give a new impetus to oil production (Infobae)

Three names, one nation, one mission: Ali Akbar Purabrahimi, Hojjadolla Gorishi and Azim Monzawi. They have been Iranian officials since the beginning of the year when the degenerate Savista began operating in oil production. Until it is no longer needed, of course. That’s what interests and projects are all about Tehran About Venezuela They may change soon.

This is a matter of great concern to a sector of the regime Caracas. That center knows it To reach a nuclear deal, Iran will no longer depend on the Latin American country As with other marginalized countries – guaranteeing a portion of the cash flow that enters the monarchy as a result of oil smuggling.

According to the information he was able to access Infobe, Iran is already preparing new agreements with rich countries – not allowed – to maintain legal business. It will affect the current Iranian interest in Chavista crude oil. Why resort to parallel and illegal markets when currencies re-enter Tehran legally?, They are surprised. Of course: Ayatollahs will maintain other businesses MirafloorsArmy and The Islamic Revolutionary Guardian Always as the main actor.

The alarm light has been going on for months in some areas close to the dictator Nicholas Ripe. They hope that they will be prepared for the possibility of Iran’s withdrawal from the negotiations, the triangles. Their help is said to be in the development of ghost ships and forgotten refineries. They suspect that they have not been able to comply with the high-level agreement and that the apparent growth they have been experiencing for months will lose momentum due to the dreaded abandonment.

The Savista oil elite is confused and skeptical of this situation. They “recalculate”. How should they assess the current assistance of the forthcoming nuclear deal? Analyzes of the risks to be taken against potential profits run from one side to the other. This is part of the daily debate of the pessimistic population. They believe that the contracts they sign are increasingly risky and may fall from one moment to another..

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New ambassadors

A week ago, Infobe Revealed the names of the Iranians behind the aid Venezuela. Purabrahimi This is one of them. Responsible for the development of the refinery El Palito is one of the most important Latin American countries. He is a frequent visitor Caracas And jealousy over the excellent print of the contract and the progress of the work. He is an officer Ministry of Oil From Iran And a direct representative Javat OvjiPermission to speak frequently with Ayatollah Ali Kameni.

His task is not simple. He is the one who must constantly persuade the authorities Ripe Higher costs of logistics and consequent distribution. The journey is long whether by sea or by air. These endless journeys, more, They must be done with ships or aircraft that manage to avoid financial constraints under both regimes. That risk pays off more than the regular market.

except this, Pure Brahmi He says some of his Venezuelan colleagues at the refineries are dealing with what is said to be a lack of knowledge. Latin American engineers, who have extensive experience in the field, need to put some ideas into the face that they consider insulting..

The Guard Revolutionary Islamic Even if it is a basic cast. It is an important part of the oil and energy infrastructure Venezuela. PDVSA pays the company associated with the force with the barrels and products received, Milad International Contractors Group (MICG). This company has a large reserve Iraq And in other areas, manages businesses not only in oil, but also in transportation and roads, dams, mining and telecommunications.

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That’s another company Iran Filters in business are one of the most corrupt stains in its history. Its sect Qadam al-Anbiya. Their sins do not frighten the Savistas, even if they create distrust at a time when they are forced to increase production. The Iranians argue that this is essential to boosting infrastructure. His distrust is due to another factor: Kadam’s disregard for the environment. They suspect that they will face a natural disaster by leaving everything in their hands.

Koresh Another basic link to being a leader in logistics Ministry of Defense. His presence is astonishing: they point to him as the person responsible for another type of transaction involving barrels of weapons. It may be based on these months RussiaAnother great supplier CaracasHis bloody invasion diverted his military production Ukraine. Last January, when Moscow It had already stationed its forces throughout the neighboring country. Koresh Took his first flight Mirafloors.

Monsoon, Meanwhile, plays an important role and is a name that has been kept secret until now. Chavista is a newcomer who is creating a certain distrust among the authorities. He also arrived in the Venezuelan capital in January. PTVSA met with technicians and engineers from the squeezed state company. He is responsible for selling the oil that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard receives from Venezuelan soil.. He manages a secret business unit Forces qudsBy the way the commandos were considered terrorists Washington.


Some Chavista officials make a miscalculation: they believe the deal will give Iran more opportunities to seek refuge in its oil. But it has an expiration date, although few know the date on which the nuclear deal will be presented. Until then, The PDVSA depends on what Ayatollah’s Revolutionary Guardian decides.

However, distrust is not limited to the global organization, it is of great interest Tehran and other Middle Eastern players are concerned. In the context of Ripe Think that Iran It could not comply with what was agreed and did not respect its promises as happened in other cases. They are based on the recent history of oil smuggling with other “customers” who may be vulnerable Caracas. These problems will continue

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In Venezuela Many are watching Monsoon A new face. They believe that their ideas are not completely innovative and that the problems they had in the past will continue. “This Cosmetics”, They quietly complain. Are afraid of that Monsoon“Secret” Sales Director Guard RevolutionaryIt inherits and perpetuates existing historical issues Iran Transport and Baria can fulfill their agreements with the countries.

This unit “Secret”Who manages now Monsoon Associated with some embarrassing failures. The latest experience is in 2021. In August last year, a Liberian tanker –Pride (IMO: 9153525) – Should be discontinued one year after it is discovered Iran Crude oil was behind sales. The illicit transaction resulted in a complete failure and international corruption.. Oman businessman behind, Mahmoud Rashid Amur Al Hafsi You can no longer operate for kidnapping in partnership with an organization accused of being a terrorist.

The oil is loaded Pride A year passed Oman. In dangerous work Guard Revolutionary Islamic It can be recovered, but crude oil cannot be sold Iran. The truth not only raised warnings Liberia Y OmanBut inside Venezuela. Will it happen again? Before the question “No need … maybe before signing the nuclear deal, we don’t need them anymore”, oil officials use the resignation tease.

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