December 11, 2023

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Nine “Pixel Watch” images leaked – and one strange story

Nine "Pixel Watch" images leaked - and one strange story

The first look at what appears to be a Google Pixel Watch comes in strange circumstances: someone supposedly found its prototype lying in a restaurant and sent pictures of it to Android Central On condition of anonymity. The images of the alleged device match what we’ve seen of Previously leaked Rendering, right down to the round watch face and rotating crown.

The watch appears to have a physical crown sitting between two buttons.
picture: Android Central

As shown in the pictures, there is a physical crown between two buttons on the side of the watch. If anything like Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the two buttons can be used to turn the clock on or off, return to the home screen, or even as a shortcut to pull up recently used apps. Meanwhile, the small hole next to the crown could be a microphone or perhaps the altimeter sensor used to track the ascent of the stairs. Like Android Central Notes: The four pins on the side of the watch may be used for testing purposes, and may not be shown on the final model.

The bottom of the watch features a black bezel with what looks like an elliptical health tracking sensor in the middle. Android CentralThe source also says that the bottom of the watch has a smooth texture, noting that it “looks metallic but looks like it’s covered in glass”, similar to the existing glass case. Apple Watch.

What appears to be a sensor is located on the underside of the watch.
picture: Android Central

Unfortunately, Android Central The source was not able to fully power the watch to see what the user interface might look like. When they tried to turn it on, the Google logo was white and nothing happened after that.

The charger was not left with the watch either, but like Android Central Notes, the watch may ship inside its box, just like Apple Watch, Google-owned Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches. While there aren’t any pictures of the strap actually attached to the watch, it appears to come with a convenient way to snap the straps, while the straps themselves are similar to those that come with the Fitbit smartwatch line. You can view all the leaked photos on Android Centrallocation.

The strap is similar to the strap on the Fitbit Versa and Sense smartwatches.
picture: Android Central

What is more interesting than the watch itself is the story behind it. thanks for the Post Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit by sh/ tagtech414, the person who claims to own the watch, we can start putting things together. (And yes, it looks like the person doing the post is legit – it shows picture of the clock on his laptop screen with Reddit in the background.)

u/tagtech414 says his bartender friend found the watch at the restaurant he works at, and kept it for “a few weeks” waiting for the owners to come look for it. Since no one ever came, the bartender friend decided to give the watch to u/tagtech414 because he calls himself a “tech nerd”.

As for why the bracelet was not attached to the watch itself, he claims his friend forgot to give it to him, saying “they were wrapped separately and he forgot to bring them, so he sent me pictures of them for the article.” u/tagtech414 also answered some additional questions about the watch’s specifications, noting that The edge is actually quite largeand that Watch face is about 1.5 inches Half an inch thick in diameter. It looks like u/tagtech414 is still updating the post, so there may be more info soon.

Even then, the situation is similar to the method he uses iPhone 4 leaked in 2010 – Someone found an iPhone prototype in a restaurant, which was then bought and demolished Gizmodo (all the pictures mysteriously disappeared from Gizmodo.’s website, By the way). it turns out Software engineer leaving prototype There is, so it is clear that such a situation has occurred and could happen.

But the strange thing about this lost and found case is that Google doesn’t even appear to be looking for the device (unlike Apple, which made a call to restore its iPhone prototype at the time). sh/ tagtech414 also says Google has not yet contacted him. Of course, there is always the possibility that this is all an elaborate ploy by Google to get more publicity for its next watch, as this is all very reminiscent of the time when Pixel 3 XL found on the back of Lyft (Do you think we’ll actually forget, Google?).

There are a lot of questions left unanswered here, and while the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the watch may not be fully explained, at least the features of the actual watch will. So far, we know that Google will connect the device to the Pixel Watch (Big surprise there), and we’ll likely find out more details at next month’s Google I/O conference.

Update April 24 7:22 PM ET: Updated to add that the person claiming to own the Pixel Watch prototype started the AMA post on Reddit, and added some additional information provided by the Reddit post.

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