November 29, 2022

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New York Yankees’ Nestor Curtis said Jim Kat apologized for the remark, and didn’t feel there was ‘no malicious intent’ at all.

New York Yankees' Nestor Curtis said Jim Kat apologized for the remark, and didn't feel there was 'no malicious intent' at all.

Jim Kat apologized to Nestor Corteswith the left of the New York Yankees tweeting Friday that he does not believe the comment made the previous day by the Minnesota Twins announcer was made with ill intentions.

Kat had referred to Curtis as “Nestor Molestor” during a broadcast of the Detroit Tigers’ game of Twins. He began explaining that Curtis became one of his favorite pitchers during his breakout season with New York.

“Nestor Molestor, Nestor Curtis,” said Cat. “Various angles and speeds. It’s a jug.”

Curtis said after the Yankees played Thursday night that he wasn’t offended by what Kat said, and he reiterated On social media after Friday.

“Jim Kat has spent a lifetime playing this game we love,” he wrote. “He called me and apologised for his remark last night, but he didn’t need to. We all make mistakes and feel 100% there was no grudge. I’m going to take it up with this tweet and hope others do too. No sweat here Jim!”

The twins said Thursday that they will deal with what happened “internally and confidentially.”

Kat, a longtime commentator who has also worked with the Yankees and the MLB Network, apologized in October after saying teams should try to “get a 40-acre stadium full” of players who look like the Chicago White Sox player. Yuan Moncada.

His comment about Moncada reminded some viewers of the unfulfilled promise by the United States government that freed slaves would be given 40 acres and a mule after the Civil War. He later apologized in that match between the Houston Astros and the White Sox.

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