March 21, 2023

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New Congress established in Colombia for 2022-2026 | news

Colombia’s new Congress, with historic consensus majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives, was installed this Wednesday after an official ceremony in the Oval Office presided over by outgoing President Ivan Duque. The speech was rejected for his questionable management.

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For the 2022-2026 period, 108 senators and 187 representatives are installed in the chamber, while around 181 legislators participate in Congress for the first time since the victory of the historic agreement (majority) on March 13.

In this respect, 20 senators were sworn in from the Historic Alliance, 15 from the Conservatives, 14 from the Liberals, 12 from the Green Alliance, 11 from the Compeo Radicals, 10 from the U Party and 5 from the Communes. Gustavo Pedro to the project of the government.

In the same proportion, four from Christian movements and one from both the Movement of Indigenous Officials of Colombia and the League of Anti-Corruption Governors, the Green Coalition and the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement were installed for the next term in the Senate. .

With the last-minute addition of La U’s representatives, Pedro already has enough congressmen to hold a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. 63 of the 108 senators and 114 of the 186 representatives will be in his partisan coalition in the House.

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In turn, Roy Barreras, representative of the historic pact, was president of the Senate in its first year, and was then taken over by the Green Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party in successive years.

Accordingly, Barreras affirmed that a favorable situation has been created for the historic agreement by having a legislative majority “considered the largest of any president in Colombia’s recent inauguration.”

According to the new president of Congress, the priorities for this new legislative phase are tax reform and revising the nation’s general budget for 2023.