July 12, 2024

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Never buy these things in the yard

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This time of year, yard sales and flea markets are in full swing. Not only do they provide the opportunity to pick up a myriad of affordable items and score some unique vintage finds, but passive buying (usually) is a more sustainable way of shopping.

However, there are some things that you should not buy when you see them at yard sale, flea markets, grove sales and/or thrift stores. Here’s what you need to know.

Items not to buy in yard sale

Most of the items on this list are there for health, hygiene, and safety reasons, and you can apply if you plan to use them for their original purpose. In other words, if you buy something with an extension Intention to recycleThese guidelines do not necessarily apply.

car seats

It’s common to see products designed for babies and toddlers — like car seats — at yard sales because, at some point, no one in the house can use them. But for the most part, buying car seats at yard sales or flea markets isn’t a great idea.

Car seats wear out over time because their parts (especially those made of plastic) Comes with an expiration date, usually six to 10 years after the date of manufacture. In addition, once they have had an accident, they should not be used again.

Even if you find a car seat that hasn’t expired yet and you know where it came from (and that it hasn’t been in an accident), make sure. Comes with its own registration cardso you can see if it was called for any reason.

Non-stick cookware

Unless it is brand new and shows no signs of peeling or scratches, Skip the nonstick cookware in yard sales.

anything with mold

Whether it’s furniture, clothes, books, or household items, it’s best to leave anything with moldy, visible mold and/or a musty smell.


according to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), cribs that are over 10 years old, broken, or have been modified should not be used. This is because they pointing to Safety hazard if there Gaps between loose components or broken slides, through which a child can fall through while their heads remains inside the bed.


It’s one thing if you find a vintage Art Deco powder container with leftovers from the original product you plan to display and never use. But in general, you should avoid buying old or used cosmetics. If products are open and/or used, skip those for health purposes. Either way, makeup contains Short shelf life (usually around 12-18 months), so it’s probably expired.

bicycle helmets

Whether they are made for children or adults, bicycle helmets are not an item for second-hand purchase. Like car seats, they should not be used after they have been in an accident. In addition to that file Bike Helmet Safety Institute Indicates that older helmets may not live up to current safety standards.

baby gates

Thanks to the usual wear and tear, baby gates are used They are often missing essential components, such as springs, and may not be safe to use.

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