December 3, 2023

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‘My best friend had a girlfriend and he cheated on me; Now we are happy

Pixabe- A relationship that started with infidelity, turned into “true love”.

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It all started when I was in the second semester of my college career. I had a history class Colombia It was between 5 and 7pm so I thought it was a bit silly. I didn’t have many friends there, but I was hit on by a guy who participated a lot in class and was very active. I looked at him strangely. How could he have so much energy in a 5pm class? But I didn’t say anything to him and he had nothing to do with me at that time.

I ran into him again in the fourth semester, not knowing that he would be one of the best people to ever pass through my life. A mutual friend introduced us during a class—I don’t remember what—to do a project together. I remember we had to go to his house to record some takes. We became close from there. We were both very outgoing, so we were a perfect match.

A best friend, a betrayal

From that moment my friend, he and I formed a group, which became a group little by little as members of the tribe joined. I was very happy with him, we had a lot of chemistry, but the chemistry of friends: we went to many parties together, took the same classes, made plans, went out drinking. Our relationship was always very funny: he saw me as ‘just another friend’ and I saw him as such. We hit each other, talked rudely, treated each other badly – apparently everything was a game. No one who sees us for the first time will think that there is something more in us, because it seems that there is not.

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The race flew, and this is the moment when many drunken stories come together. We were so close, we knew everything about our mud, our ‘ticket’ and, of course, our love affairs. He and I had a partner, they had no relationship, they had been for years. In a group of friends, we’re the most stable we’ve ever seen with our respective boyfriends, but no one is immune to mishaps when they’re in love.

After graduation, even during pandemics, we keep in touch with our group of friends. We held virtual meetings to catch up and update ourselves on the lives of others in total isolation; But after the lockdown ended we started going out again. We were partying too much.

“We don’t see each other with eyes of love”

The truth is, my best friend and I never get a chance to be alone because we go out with them all the time. Plus, we had our own romantic relationships and we never saw each other through those eyes, the eyes of love. That was until unfortunate events – or luck – brought us together in an unexpected way.

After the pandemic, we planned a trip Cartagena With a group of friends we were both so excited that we bought tickets at the same time. The point is that in the end no one came out with anything.

He asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes, I couldn’t afford to lose the money. Besides, we had already made many plans and traveled together many times. What could go wrong?

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It dawned drunk

Have a nice trip

The trip with my best friend was really fun and we had a great time. We stayed for a weekend, we toured the tourist sites and partied a lot. On the second and last night something unimaginable happened. The first day we drank, cooked and played together; Sharing like never before. We danced the night of the event, but it was a complete mess: everything was closed, it was very expensive and packed, and the good bars were far away.

We see a dark ‘Suzo’ with faint purple and red lights. There were only two tables in the center and the rest was the dance floor. Anyway, we started dancing, ordered cocktails – he really likes Jägermeister – and we met a lot of people and spent the day with them. It was like any other party. When we got back to the hotel, very drunk and wide awake, we started dancing. It was very strange, but one thing led to another, and we kissed.

The next day, we already flew back to Bogotá and we tried to get back to normal. He had his mate and I finished mine very recently, although something we couldn’t define at the time was born. We decided not to give importance to that kiss, we said: “To each his own life and that’s it”.

A new relationship

We were like that for a few days, but I kept thinking about it, him to me. We reminisced about intimate moments in that hotel, and the five-plus years of friendship we had built together created a strange feeling. We’ve always had that chemistry, but neither of us noticed it.

He decided to end his relationship, we started dating, he went to my house, I went to his house, we did everything together, we started getting to know each other better -as a couple-; Until it became official in December last year. He invited me to dinner and asked me to be boyfriends.

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Telling friends was weird. The funny thing is, they didn’t have the reaction we expected when describing Medellin and everything that happened in recent months. I remember them telling us: “It was obvious you were going to be together.” Obviously we just don’t know.

A fruitful relationship

Best friend and lover

These eight or nine months we were together were amazing, our relationship was so old, we lived together. I don’t regret anything, because at this moment he is the love of my life, I feel that I love him with all my heart, even if difficulties hinder our path, if I am with him, everything will happen. Fine.* Some details have been changed at the express request of the author.

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