October 4, 2022

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MTG Streets revealed in our new Cabina deck – Cabaretti Cacophony

MTG Streets revealed in our new Cabina deck - Cabaretti Cacophony

new Magic: The Gathering Today’s Streets of New Capenna deck shows all the cards players can expect in the Cabaretti Cacophony Commander deck, set to be released this month in one of the The best card games About.

Streets of New Capenna is the big new event launching this month, and we’ve got the details on all the cards in Magic: The Gathering Cabaretti Cacophony deck. There are about 17 new cards in the deck, including two installments, and plenty of reprints as well. The goal of this particular deck seems to be to collect various avatar creatures, pump them up, and then launch all-out attacks with spells to boost your board or protect your creatures during the attack.

The leader’s primary card is the Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva, which “encourages” your opponents to attack each other by improving creature stats. Giving your opponent’s creatures to trample also ensures that it’s an offer they can’t refuse. The other installment is Phabine, Boss’s Confidant, an actual cat lady who gives a 1/1 creature token or pumps creatures +1/+1 to the end of the turn – and gives them all rushing too. There are two very different cards, apparently.

For reprints, there are stacks of cards focused on token generation and politics. You aim to convince your opponents that you are not worth dealing with them yet. Cards like Kazuul and Tyrant of the Cliffs also protect you from incoming attacks by spawning ogres unless your opponent pays Mana cost per attacking creature. The deck doesn’t have many ways to defend itself outside of absolute numbers, but it does have optional removal cards like Path to Exile. You also have a way to deal with annoying Rhystic study card drawing tricks with Zurzoth, Chaos Rider. The deck also has a decent Mana generation, especially from the Cultivate or Sakura-Tribe Elder cards.

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For the rest of the Cabaretti Cacophony deck, here are some of the highlights:

  • Crash the Party makes a 4/4 unicorn for every creature you control, possibly for great play after an all out attack.
  • Grand Crescendo creates indestructible civilian creatures which is useful when you attack with many creatures at once.
  • The Killer Service allows you to generate 4/4 more rhino tokens at once per turn by sacrificing another token.
  • Life of the Party is an elemental creature that gets bigger as you collect more tokens. If Life of the Party is also used, opponents will get copies of that card’s creature to attack everyone but you. This sounds crazy, but it’s totally fragile.

Here are all the new cards:

If you want them on a nice list, here are all the new cards:

  • Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva – Includes Foil Thicken Variant
  • Fabin, close to Boss
  • Boss driver
  • Grand Cresendo
  • master of ceremonies
  • indulge /// excess
  • The life of the party
  • Rose room cashier
  • Grab the spotlight
  • smash the party
  • killer service
  • Celebration scepter
  • Vivian Stampede
  • Pace, nourisher for the soul
  • Cabarete Forum
  • thriving partnership
  • wrong floor

Here are all the reprint cards:

  • Summon Cooper Coates
  • Swordsman Legacy
  • Velidar Retreat
  • The mighty fell
  • Military coup
  • ant instigator
  • Kazol, Tyrant of the Cliffs
  • Magus wheel
  • Siege Outpost
  • Zurzoth, Chaos Rider
  • ARASTA from the Infinite Web
  • awakening area
  • monster rise
  • Lambholt Champion
  • Sandwurm affinity
  • scott swarm
  • shamanic revelation
  • sylvan show
  • Thunderfoot Baloth
  • Archaeological boom
  • legion assembly
  • boom aura
  • camaraderie
  • Qahiji, one tribute
  • The crowd’s march
  • Silvala is back, Explorer
  • idol of oblivion
  • Canopy Vista
  • Ardenville Castle
  • Emberth Castle
  • ice cinder
  • strange orchard
  • fortified village
  • Trail game
  • Mosvier Valley
  • rugged meadow
  • sangrass prairie
  • Temple of Victory
  • Windbriske Heights
  • Rumor Collector – Main Collection
  • Soloist – main group
  • Sahar Cabarete – Main Collection
  • Cabaretti Courtyard – Main Collection
  • Intangible virtue
  • Orzhov Advokist
  • The road to exile
  • The monster is inside
  • planting or refining
  • harmony
  • Leafkin Priest
  • Sakura tribe elder
  • elven wood
  • Boros magic
  • Arcane Signet
  • Bloodthirsty blade
  • Commander’s field
  • fluorescent stone
  • Sol ring
  • Ash Barnes
  • command tower
  • shrine
  • Countless landscapes
  • Naya panorama
  • lineage path
  • thriving Bluff
  • thriving grove
  • thriving heath
  • Earth Cards – 4 x Mountains, 8 Forests, 4 Plains
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You can find all the details in another set of Streets of New Capenna Commander, Maestros massacre, in Wargamer. Magic: The Gathering Streets of New Capenna launches April 29th.