July 19, 2024

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More new quality of life features revealed in Street Fighter 6’s M. Bison update

More new quality of life features revealed in Street Fighter 6’s M. Bison update

This time reruns are getting a boost

Although Street Fighter 6 received its biggest update yet alongside Akuma just last month, another important patch is about to be released in just a few days for the game.

Capcom has just revealed a few new quality of life features coming to SF6 in the update accompanying M. Bison to kick off Season 2 content.

As revealed in their recent post, the replay feature is about to get a few new tools that should come in handy for those who use it often (and those hoping to get more of it).

Two additional speed options will be available with 1.1x and 1.2x running on top of what is already there.

But more important for most people is finally having the ability to rewind frames during playback that can be used while paused.

Up to this point, players can set their playback speed to standard, 2x, 4x, and 8x to get the action done faster while slowing it down provides 0.5x and 0.8x advance as well as frame advance, so this allows for some better fine-tuning. Find the parts you are specifically looking for.

What’s more, you can skip back or forward approximately 8 seconds using the scene function, but if you miss it or need to take another look at an interaction that just happened, there’s no quick way to go back a little.

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Being able to finally rewind certainly makes combing through replays seem more tempting.

These aren’t the only QOL improvements coming to SF6 soon either, as Capcom previously revealed a handy new shortcut for starting the game directly in Training Mode.

While it’s not really a new feature, Capcom is also making visual adjustments to both the health meter and leadership meter as well, making situations like knowing when someone can access a Critical Art much easier to see at a glance.

With the big balance patch only being about a month old, we shouldn’t really expect anything major to change in terms of how fighters play in the next update other than a few bug fixes, but we’ll know what’s actually been changed/added when the patch notes are released Officially complete.

All of this is set to come to Street Fighter 6 alongside the return of M. Bison as the first downloadable character for Season 2 on June 26, so there’s not much to wait now.