March 21, 2023

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‘Moon Knight’ Synopsis: Episode 6 – Final Ending Explained, Post-credits

Moon Knight Episode 6

After one of the most chaotic ramps in MCU history, Episode 6 of moon knight – The grand finale, if you can believe it – picks up with her titular hero Still very dead, only Laila is left to prevent Arthur from freeing Amit.

Is it successful? Not completely. Arthur actually awakens the giant crocodile, who in turn accepts him as her new avatar. But thanks to a letter from Taweret, Laila manages to free Khonshu, who immediately tries to persuade her to take the place of Marc. She wisely rejects God’s offer, telling him, “We’ll work together without I enslave myself.” Yes, limits!

Meanwhile, Mark isn’t living his best in the afterlife. He can’t rest in a field of reeds knowing Stephen is still out there in the desert, so Mark ignores Tawert’s warnings and says Sayonara to Heaven. Oscar Isaacs finally meets in the sand, and it truly is a thing of beauty. “I survived because I knew I wasn’t alone. I was always there, full of hope,” Mark told Stephen, thanking him for being there when life got too dark to bear. “You haven’t abandoned me, and there is no way in hell I will abandon you.”

Mark appears to suffer the same fate as Stephen, but when the heart between them begins to glow, both are restored. Let the hug begin!

Back in the Land of the Living, Moon Knight joins the fight against Amit, sometimes turning into Mr. Knight because, they explain, “We’ve come up with an all-out deal now.” Speaking of package deals, Khuncho agrees to release them if they help him defeat Amit.

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And they’re not the only ones making the moves. Leila also agreed to become an Avatar Tawert, after a short talk about how to take Leila’s father to the reed field. (Oh!) With their Deal Administrator, Lily gets a killer new outfit, complete with — wait for it — wings! And I’m not the only one excited about her new look. “Are you an Egyptian superhero?” A little girl asks him, to which Laila proudly answers: “I exist.”

And so begins the funnest fight series yet, with Layla and Moon Knight (and Mr. Knight, who also kicks a great deal of ass) slashing Arthur’s henchmen while the gods fight behind them. And just when Arthur seems to have the upper hand, Mark suffers another classic blackout and suddenly finds himself clutching Arthur’s frail body. There are no questions.

Mark and Lila drag Arthur to the temple, where they cast a spell to imprison Amit in her deadly avatar. But when Khuncho asks Mark to kill both of them, Laila reminds him that he has a choice. “You want him dead? Do it yourself,” Mark told Concho. “Now we are released.”

This brings Mark back to “reality” (aka the hospital where Arthur’s doctor works), only something different this time. “Can’t you believe that Khuncho and Amit are real?” Mark asks. When Arthur rejected the existence of the gods, Mark answered coldly, “What if we disagree, Doctor? What if we believe in something different?”

Arthur says their work must go on, but when he suddenly starts bleeding and doesn’t understand why, everyone’s perception of reality is called into question. “While it’s tempting to accept your diagnosis, Doctor, we’d rather go to save the world,” Mark says. “Laters, gators!”

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Mark then wakes up in Stephen’s apartment, bed-bound, to judge his alter-British ego for maintaining very poor living quarters.

the end?

no! moon knight Finally he gives us a scene from the middle of the credits, and it’s cloudy: Arthur finds himself in a psychiatric hospital, mumbling about in the sand. He is escorted by a mysterious stranger, who appears to have killed several security guards in his efforts to get Arthur out. He was taken to a limousine (licence plate “SPKTR”), where he was received only by Khuncho.

“Mark Spector really believed that after we parted, I wanted his wife to be an avatar,” Koncho told Arthur. “Why would I need anyone else? … But he had no idea how worried he really was. Meet my friend, Jake Lockley.”

Then the limousine driver turns around, revealing himself as Isaac as the third A character, fans of the comics have been hoping to see for some time. Jake shoots Arthur, probably killing him, and then runs off.

the end? Yes, I’m sure of that this time.

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