July 22, 2024

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MLB: 12 ​​suspended after mass brawl between sailors and angels

MLB: 12 ​​suspended after mass brawl between sailors and angels

Three Mariners players received suspensions. Jesse Winker, who led the Angels off the bench after being knocked out by Andrew Wantz, received a seven-game ban, JB Crawford five and Julio Rodriguez twice.

Nine players and members of the Angels coaching staff, including coach Phil Nevin, have also been suspended for 10 matches.

Anthony Rendon has a five-match ban on his return from injury, Wentz for three, Ray Tebera for three and Raziel Iglesias for two.

Suspensions have also been placed on the assistant shooting coach, bench coach, translator and catch coach.

The MLB said on its website that all three Mariners will resume, and the team is able to arrange suspensions so that all three do not disappear at once.

“If they throw [Wantz] Winker said on Monday, per MLB. “If he hits me and they take him out, I go to first base. If the guy on the staff and their manager didn’t talk, nothing would happen. But they were talking, and I didn’t want to talk.

“It’s over for me,” Winker added. “We’ll just worry the next time we hit them up. That’s all that matters.

“No one is here for the ‘strongman’ to speak to the media and there is no one here to do that and do that or talk about fines or suspensions or anything else. It’s going to happen regardless, so we’re going to hit them.”

With the Mariners already feeling aggrieved that the previous pitch that Wentz threw during Sunday’s game was close to Julio Rodriguez’s head, he then hit Winker on the hip.

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This sparked angry scenes as a grumpy Wanker made his way toward the Angels seat, emptying both seats and eventually leading to eight expulsions.

MLB said Wantz received a three-game ban for deliberately throwing Winker, and it wouldn’t be attractive. However, both Tepera and Iglesias are enjoying appeal and were able to play against the Boston White Sox on Monday.