May 21, 2022

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Mexico detains 55 Venezuelans in a single day

Mexico is overflowing with immigrants
Photo by Twitter

According to this Sunday’s report, the Mexican government has intercepted 1,608 immigrants, including 55 Venezuelans, in different operations on the same day. National Institute for Migration (INM).

The government agency said last Friday that it had “rescued” all of these migrants, thereby “preventing them from falling victim to crime and their human rights abuses as they passed through the territory of Mexico.”

“In all, 1,398 seniors (424 women and 974 men) and 210 minors (82 women and 128 men) were placed under the care and protection of the Organization for Integrated Development of the Family (DIF). They are the rescued company, “he said in a statement.

Most immigrants are from Central and South America, 357 from Guatemala, 296 from Colombia, 189 from Cuba, 113 from Nicaragua, 96 from El Salvador, 60 from Peru, 56 from Brazil and 55 from Venezuela.

But there were 29 from the African nation of Comoros, 19 from Haiti, 16 from the United States and Ethiopia, 14 from the Philippines, 13 from France, 11 from Ecuador and Turkey.

There were 8 from Angola; Bolivia and Northern Macedonia, 7, respectively; India, 6; Bangladesh, 5; Chinese, 4; Lesotho, 4; Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3; And ends with Spain, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Senegal and Guinea, with 2 immigrants per country.

There was one from Romania, Georgia, Belize, Togo, Belarus, Cameroon, Great Britain and the United Kingdom and Ivory Coast of Northern Ireland respectively.

The INM, which reports to the Ministry of the Interior (SECOP), did not elaborate on the reasons why these migrants were rescued or detained, or whether they remain in the country.

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Most of the rescue operations, 374, took place in Chiapas, a state adjacent to Guatemala, followed by Northern Baja California, 262 and Nuevo Leon, 199.

There were also operations in Mexico City, 168; Tabasco, 152; Coimbatore, 111; Tamoulipas, 97; Veracruz, 50; San Luis Potosi, 47; Quintana Rs, 26; Sound, 22; Oaxaca, 20; Publa, 18; Chihuahua, 18; Durango, 17; Tlaxcala, 8; Yukatan, 6; Jalisco, 5; Zakatocas, 5; Sinaloa, 2 and Golima, 1.

During operations with federal, state and municipal officials, four vehicles were seized and one vehicle was made available to the Ministry of Public Works (MP) in Tamoulipas State and Tlaxcala.

“Similarly, four people may have been responsible for committing a crime in Tamoulipas.

The events take place in the middle of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s tour of Central America, where he travels with his colleagues from Thursday to Sunday to address the issue of migration.

The region is experiencing a record influx of immigrants to the United States, whose Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office found more than 1.7 million undocumented immigrants on the Mexican border in fiscal 2021, ending Sept. 30.

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