June 9, 2023

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Mexican INE announces closure of polling stations after recall News

Mexico’s National Electoral Commission (INE) announced the closure of all polling stations this Sunday, bringing complete peace to the country after President’s Remembrance Day.

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Mexico executes order withdrawal boxes

According to election officials, there are a total of 57,436 polling stations on this election day, where the Mexican people will decide whether to stay in the current government of President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador.

At the same time, INE explained that the next calculation and results of the callback process would begin in a few minutes. Keep in mind that there are minutes to close centers in Baja California.

It should be noted that during the day, officials highlighted their sense of calm when the Mexican people exercised their right to vote, and this Sunday there were only less than half of the polling stations due to differences between the election and federal officials.

This democratic practice is recorded for the first time since constitutional reform, where figures such as the repeal of the decree have been added to the Magna Carta.

While the Mexican government has urged the National Electoral Commission (INE) to establish relevant polling stations, election officials have pointed out that such a task could not be carried out in the framework of ideological disputes between the two parties due to lack of budget.

However, it is up to the citizens to decide whether to withdraw the presidential decree of the current head of state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or end his six-year term as head of state.

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The Mexican president went to his corresponding center, where he wrote on the ballot: Long live Zapada! (Refers to the day of remembrance of the revolutionary hero), a few days ago he stated that he was not going to vote in the referendum.

Lopez O’Brien called on citizens to take part in the process, promising that “democracy is a way of life” and reiterating that “the people are contributing, the people are eliminating.”

In the first hour, long queues were seen at polling stations in Mexico City and some parts of the country, with delays in the start of voting in others, while voter turnout was declining. Factor.

This Sunday began with a ceremony to pay homage to the national flag, and Lorenzo Cordova, chairman of the National Electoral Commission (INE), held early in the morning, saying that so far the consultation arrangement has been successful.

“Citizens once again agreed to participate in the polling booths, much faster than other electoral processes, with percentages we have never seen before.”

Unprecedented referendum

On the basis of “People rule; People put in and people take away “, Lopez Obrador raised the idea of ​​this advice, which becomes an assessment of his administration, from his election campaign.

Consultation with the people on key issues of public administration is part of the state mission of 4T and AMLO, and the number of referendums approved by Congress and incorporated into the Constitution in 2019.

This is not the first consultation in August 2021 to investigate the administration of five former presidents for corruption: Carlos Salinas de Cordary (1988-94), Ernesto Jedillo (1994-2000), Vicente Fox (2000-2006), Philippe Calderon (2006-2012) and Enrique Pena Nieto (2012-2018). The turnout was 8 percent.

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Question of current advice

Voters receive a ballot that asks the following questions: “Do you agree that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the United States of America, withdrew his decree due to distrust, or will you continue as President?

This puts them in front of two possible answers: withdrawing the order due to loss of confidence or continuing their presidency.

Establishment of polling booths

The INE has ordered the approval of 57,517 polling stations in 32 federal institutions of the country, which will operate from 08:00 to 18:00 local time.

Of these, 300 belong to the special category and allow people in traffic to vote far away from their regular constituencies.

To vote, citizens must be registered to vote, their political rights must not be suspended, and they must go to the polls through the polling booths assigned to them by the INE.

Media companies reported that more than 17,000 Mexicans living abroad have registered to participate, which they can do through the online electronic voting system.

A total of 287,000 citizens are ready to vote and count on the ballot, while about 4,400 will be observers that day, including 98 foreign observers who are INE accredited.

Number and results

After the polls close, election materials will be taken to INE’s 300 district councils, where votes will be counted.

Similarly, the Election Commission plans to implement a rapid counting system that will provide an estimate of citizen participation from a sample of 1,800 polling stations.

According to INE, the quick count results may be released at 9:00 pm local time, and during the company’s general council session, the final results will be announced on Monday, April 11th.

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Participation is essential

According to the rules, for the ballot to be valid and bound, the participation of at least 40 percent of the electorate is required, i.e. 37.1 million votes.

Studies conducted in recent weeks give AMLO reputation levels with fluctuations of 58 to 60 percent.

The president, however, promised to leave his job to the executive if the majority of participants decided to withdraw it, even if it did not reach 40 percent.

At the center of the controversy

In this regard, the Mexican government has asked INE to set up 160,000 polling stations established by federal law so that they can accommodate a smaller number of citizens and encourage public participation in the consultation.

However, the Election Commission implemented only 35.9 per cent of this figure on this day and said it was not budgeted.

For example, local media reported that there would be no polling stations in the town of Debit, in the state of Tabasco (southern), where Lopez Obrador was born, where residents had to move to other places to pay.

In many cases, AMLO reminded the INE directors and executives that the government was acting rationally on its expenditure and that this power could do much more if it restructured its budget and removed the concessions they enjoyed.

The National Renewal Movement (MORENA), the executive and ruling party, on the other hand, drew attention to the fact that the INE has established a number of polling stations similar to those used in the August 2021 poll. Low price for current price.