September 30, 2022

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Mexican caboose Caracas arrives to seek peace between ELN and FARC dissidents

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Ambassadors of a powerful Mexican drug trafficking gang have landed in Venezuela. ‘S rude conflict between disagreements FARC and ELN Dangerous kapos from Mexico to control drug trafficking routes in the Apure area Aerial cocaine activities are affected.

According to the Venezuelan newspaper Global, Jalisco sent the new generation (CJNG) and Sinaloa cartels “negotiations”. It is to seek a peace between these criminal groups and to ban drug exports.

‘Ivan Mortisco is considered the leader of the dissent. Photo: File / EL TIEMPO

Clashes between FARC protesters and the ELN intensified on the border between March and April 2021 under the command of Ivan Mortisco. Created millionaire losses for Mexican cartels.

The so-called Cartel de los Souls are located in that region. It was created by Venezuelan soldiers to crack down on Colombian cocaine seizures to supply mafias in Central American countries.

The ambassadors’ strategy is to communicate with those colonels and generals so that, due to their military influence, they can seat dissidents of the FARC and ELN, the main culprits in the criminal scandal of Mexican drug traffickers. .

According to the military and police intelligence reports quoted GlobalContinuing clashes between guerrillas have affected cocaine smuggling operations from Venezuela to Central America, the United States and Mexico.

FARC and ELN dissident forces on the border

‘Iván Mordisco’ dissidents will have 411 in arms and 222 in support networks | Photo: Eleana Abonde. Save time

According to a recent intelligence report by TimeOpponents of the FARC and ELN have more than 1,600 men on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

According to the document, the ELN has six nodes in the Norde de Santander in the triangle between Dibu (La Cabrara), San Calicsto and El Carmen. The other two nuclei in the dam are Fordul and Araucida.

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In Venezuela, their largest camp zone is located in El Nula de Tacira, from where they cover the border zone towards Apure and Julia.

Ivan Mortisco’s opponents will be 411 in arms and 222 in the support network, many of them from Venezuela. They have 10 points on the border and 3 special camps between Saravena (Arauka) and Canton (Apure), where Antonio Medina, Jaime Sukala and John Mechas take refuge.

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