June 27, 2022

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Megan McCain reveals her friendship with former co-host of the show

Megan McCain reveals her friendship with former co-host of the show

Megan McCain Be honest about her time the view During a recent podcast interview.

the view It’s tough because it’s kind of like having an ex-boyfriend that everyone knows you broke up with. And everyone – people are just curious, because it’s such an iconic show and I get it, ” makin He said while sneaking up on a TV producer Carlos King on his podcast Reality with the king.

McCain went on to say that while it was “a privilege to me that it would last for four years”, I had “moved” from the view.

“I don’t watch the show at all. It doesn’t really get into my lexicon,” she said. “I don’t watch it anymore which is very strange. It would be very strange to watch, but I don’t miss it. And I think it’s because I’ve been through such a difficult time. My last season, it was a really tough time in my life.”

Then she began discussing the only friendship with her former host who thrived even after her successful daytime talk show exit:

“[Sunny Houstin] He is one of the greatest TV shows, I think in all of TV. I also told her that I think she should eventually host her own show.”

“I don’t know why MSNBC isn’t trying to snap it up for likes Rachel Maddow slot. So I think it’s good. And I think she’s really — she’s by far the most politically intelligent person on that show, at least when I was working there,” McCain continued.

McCain even went into detail about how she turns to Hostin for parenting advice from time to time.

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“I was actually texting her about, uh, a month ago about some things like very personal things about motherhood,” she said. “And I have such love for her and I respect her and love, Do we talk every day? No. But if she wants to enter the kitchen now, I would hug her and want to talk to her for a few hours.”

“Well, she’s a really good person and she didn’t demonize me the way a lot of people have done everything it’s worth,” she concluded.

Listen above via Reality with the king.

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