July 24, 2024

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Massive protests in Argentina against the constitution (+ photos and video)

Massive protests in Argentina against the constitution (+ photos and video)

The police cracked down on those who created havoc in the Congress area.

This Wednesday, Argentine police quelled dozens of people who demonstrated in the streets of Buenos Aires against the Basic Law, which will be debated today in the Senate.

Security forces cordoned off the Congress headquarters, firing tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and shields to block the protesters’ progress, with some setting fire to items to set up barricades.

Officers arrested 27 people.

Two of them allegedly stole a car, and six others – five men and one woman – set fire to two bicycles at the intersection between Ceballos and Hipolito Yrigoyen, while another person physically assaulted an agent, TN reports. Citing sources.

Images of a burnt-out vehicle owned by Kadena 3 TV channel were circulated on social networks, while explosions were heard in the background.

Five deputies from the Union Por La Patria constituency were injured in the first attacks by the police.

Legislators Carlos Castagneto, Eduardo Valdés, Luis Basterra, Carolina Yutrovic, Leopoldo Moró and Juan Manuel Pedrini were transferred to a health center due to “vision problems,” C5N reported.

In the same incident, RT’s correspondent in Argentina, Diana Decloy, was attacked.

The vicinity of the assembly was taken over by motorized police units, separated by a few meters from citizens who expressed their disagreement over the legislative reform proposal presented by Miley.

At the forefront of the demonstration, there were clashes between participants and law enforcement. Despite constant pepper spray and pellets, many burned the waste from the spot.

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Meanwhile, the police chose to erect fences around the legislature to prevent people from leaving and disrupting the debate on the constitution.

Commercial establishments near the Congress headquarters were closed and vehicular traffic was blocked on the day of the protest.

Confrontation in Congress

While this was going on, Senator Vado de Pedro (Union Porte la Patria) was calling for the creation of a commission that would check things outside of parliament and demand an end to repression.

However, his proposal was rejected by Vice President Victoria Villarreal. “Senator de Pedro: That regulation does not exist. If someone wants to go to check the situation, they can do it quietly,” accused Villaruel, who is the president of the Upper House.

His response earned him airy responses from De Pedro, who called him to remember that the motion was because he had requested it. Confronted with this, the Vice President replied that he was free to leave, but that the discussion would continue.

Coup attempt

Argentina’s government on Wednesday accused protesters against a ‘fundamental law’ near Congress of trying to “carry out a coup”, according to a statement issued by President Javier Milei’s office in X.

In the speech, the organization congratulated the “excellent actions of the security forces in suppressing what they called “terrorist groups” – citizens who had expressed their opposition against official policy.

According to this version, the protest participants attempted to stage a “revolution” against the normal functioning of the Argentine National Congress by “attacking with sticks, stones and grenades (…)”.

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