July 18, 2024

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Marina ‘cried listening’ to Charli XCX and Lorde’s ‘Girl, So Confusing’

Marina ‘cried listening’ to Charli XCX and Lorde’s ‘Girl, So Confusing’

As he predicted Charli It also affected one of Charlie’s first friends, Marina, who shared that she cried while listening to the two singers work out their differences on the track.

“This is beautiful. I just cried listening to it,” Marina wrote on Congratulations on the popular album @charli_xcx.”

Shortly after, Charli XCX responded to the tweet, writing: “Aww Marina!! Tumblr girls rise up!” In response, Marina wrote: “Crying

On “Girl, So Confusing,” Charli sings about her insecure tendencies around her “awkward” relationship with Lorde, who she doesn’t have “a lot in common” with besides being two of the internet’s favorite artists. “We talk about making music/But I don’t know if it’s sincere,” Charlie sings.

The exchange between Marina and Charlie also appears to depict the pair publicly burying the hatchet after falling out in 2016 over a photo shoot. At the time, Marina wrote: “THAT FROOT LOOKS Familiar,” a phrase that has now become a meme among both artists’ stan sets, under a photo that looked similar to Marina’s promotional photos for Fruitwhich had decreased the previous year.

At the time, Marina followed up the comment by tweeting, “Photos are artistic property. Please respect your fellow artists. In response, Charli issued a statement defending herself for the photo and for her work with the same photographer as Marina: “I’m not here to imitate or ‘steal’ art… What’s the point of that?”

Before the rift, the duo worked together on a song titled “Just Desserts” in 2013 that went viral. Officially released But it is available on the pair’s YouTube channels. Charli also opened for Marina on the Lonely Hearts Club Tour that year.

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Last year, on @360_brat Instagram, Charlie Reply to a comment She shared that the pair were not friends but that she felt “honestly hurt, upset and confused” by Marina’s decision to contact her on social media at the time.

“I felt like she knew she was sending people to ‘contact me’ online, and as someone I look up to, I thought that was really bad at the time,” Charlie wrote. “Now I just love that the whole thing is so funny it’s like there’s beef on top of lemon.”

Because of the history involving the fruit, fans joked on X Friday that the couple should, as Charli and Lorde did, “work things out” on a remix of Charli’s song “Apple.” Marina also followed Charlie on social media after the sweet exchange.


Marina is preparing to publish a poetry collection entitled Eat the world In October he said Rolling Stone In April she was writing new music but had not “started producing anything yet.”

“The book gave me a space to be able to explore things I wasn’t happy with myself in a way that I didn’t think I could achieve with music,” she said.