October 1, 2023

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Marie Emilia Colmenares, leader of the Aragua train, arrested in Chile


Caracas.- The Chilean police captured Conception 10 people accused of belonging to a criminal gang Aragua train. One of those arrested Marie Emilia ColmenaresAccused of being one of the leaders of an irregular group and participating in human trafficking and prostitution offences, review week.

Investigations by authorities indicate that Colmanaras left the scene Puerto Cabello, CaraboboWho will be the emotional partner for Chile in 2021? Luis Felipe Franco CeballosA Colombian national who has been appointed head of the criminal organization in Chile.

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One of the things that most attracted the attention of the police officers was Marie Emilia Colmenares, who posted on her Instagram social networks a life full of luxuries. On her TikTok profile, she was shown wearing GunBelongs to your partner.

Prostitution ring

Police investigations indicate that Colmanaras bought accessories: make-up, underwear and clothes Victims of prostitution. So far, Chilean authorities have rescued 14 women.

According to Chile’s Public Ministry, Franco Ceballos coordinated the recruitment of women, mostly Venezuelans, under deception and promises of work. He transferred the money to the victims via Western Union so that they would pay for the trip overland to Chile. Bio Bio Chile.

Once the women arrived in the country, they became victims of prostitution and were taxed by criminal gangs. 1 million to 4 million Chilean pesos ($1,240 to $4,960) Transfer, content production services, accommodation and food.

Prostitution services took place on Anibal Pinto Street near the center of Concepcion, where victims were forbidden to leave. Colmenares appeared in some promotional photos with the aim of attracting customers. however, She does not offer sexual servicesSee Colombian and Chilean media.

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with the information that week And Bio Bio Chile.

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