June 11, 2023

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Marcelo Becky’s wife confirms that the spoken portrait matches the killer

Marcelo Becci, The National
Claudia is a well-known Paraguayan journalist who married lawyer Pechi on April 30. Photo: Instagram

On the morning of May 10, the honeymoon of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becky and his wife Claudia Aguilera turned into a nightmare.

The couple were celebrating their union in the Colombian Caribbean and announced on social media that they were parents when two gunmen shot and killed Peggy on Jet Sky.

Aguilera, as expected, was devastated, but the journalist agreed to talk to one of his colleagues about what happened that unfortunate morning.

From journalist UnisennelSeeing all that had happened the woman said she was still very scared and that she was not ready to give a confession.

However, Pechi’s wife confirmed that the pictures released by Colombian authorities showed that the killer who shot her husband was wearing a hat and glasses.

“He was the one who fired the gun. The dark-skinned man, one meter seventy-eight years old, with a hat, very thin body color but very noticeable muscles (he described) stretched his hand directly towards lawyer Marcelo Becci, “the reporter said in his conversation with Aguilera.

The woman-speaking painting was painted by authorities in Colombia. General George Louis Vargas Shared a picture On their social networks, they confirmed that those who provide information about those involved in crime will be rewarded with 2,000 million pesos.

It all happened over 10 minutes

The face revealed by the officers corresponds to the face of a man who was on a jet ski rental on the morning of the crime.

The woman also talked to her co-workers about how she enjoyed the moment Murder. He explained that morning was the last day of their honeymoon so they spent some time at the beach. When Marcelo Becky returned from a walk on the beach, he was approached by people on a jet ski.

“When he arrived from Colombia at 11:00 am, he stopped as if he were walking in the sea for a while. When he returned, he brushed off the dirt with a towel. At that moment, the attack happened. Everything was very fast,” said Aguilera’s colleague.

    Marcelo Becci, The National
Photo: Colombian National Police

He further added that the assailant fired three shots, one at the neck, the other at the side and the other at the escape. However, he explains that he did not understand what happened because the scenes were not loud, which prompted him to say that it was a comedy or a show for tourists.

“He falls to the ground. She turns her gaze to the fugitive ‘because it was a little hard for her to understand what was going on-‘ Catch them, catch them. ” That’s why the gunman fired again to cover up the escape,” he said.

According to Aguilar’s testimony, everything happened within 13 to 15 minutes. And he insisted: “They (the killers) went straight to him, and they did not see me,” even though he was at a very short distance from the speaker.

It is noteworthy that Claudia Aguilera returned to Paraguay on Thursday 12 May with some lawyers who had come to Colombia to inquire into the death of Marcelo Becci.

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