July 17, 2024

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Marc Thiessen: China helps Putin by shutting down Tik Tok channels from Russia

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Fox News contributor Mark Thiessen said,American newsroom“Monday China Russian President Vladimir Putin is helping by shutting down the TikTok live broadcast from the country.

China resorts to “friendship” with Russia: “the most important strategic partner”

Mark Thiessen: Let’s remember that TikTok is a Chinese company, so any decisions they make are made in Beijing. And Beijing is an ally of Vladimir Putin. But. Yes you are absolutely right. Social media companies have an obligation. What is surprising is how innovative the Ukrainians are.

As soon as they started removing some social media sites, they started spreading news about restaurant reviews of Moscow restaurants to get them to pass the information to the Russian people. The collective hacker group “Anonymous” penetrated Russian state television and began broadcasting pictures of Russian defeats and the corpses of Russian soldiers in Ukraine on state television. Under the surface here, the cyber war is going both ways. In the age of mobile phones, it is difficult to hide news from people.

It is a Chinese company. They are helping Putin by shutting down TikTok. Western social media companies should flood the region with information.

Watch the full video below:

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