November 27, 2022

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Man Recruiting Migrants for Flights to Martha’s Vineyard Says He Feels ‘Betrayed’

A recruiter of immigrants to ship to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts says he feels betrayed, saying he was tricked by a woman named “Perla.”

In an interview CNNThe migrant, who lived on the streets of San Antonio and whose name has not been released, explained that “Perla” offered him clothes, food and money instead of looking for other migrants to be sent on planes. to Massachusetts.

He gave him $10 McDonald’s gift cards for immigrants who agreed to board the planes. He also asked immigrants to tell them that their children would be treated well upon arrival.

“He told me they’re going to get them there, give them a house, stay, help them with the language. They’re going to get the children to study,” he said of the flights that came together on September 14. He showed CNN “Perla’s” business card, which supports his story. Also showed text and audio messages.

The flights were organized by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who wanted to express his critical stance on the Joe Biden administration’s immigration and border security policies.

The recruiter assured CNN that he never knew a governor was in charge of these flights. “My only desire has always been to help people,” he asserted.

He explained that he agreed to work with “Perla” after learning that immigrants were given food and lodging at a hotel in San Antonio. “My only aim is to cooperate with people so that they get stability (…) She would take them to a hotel. I realized that they were treated well in the hotel,” he added.

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The flights took off from San Antonio, stopped in Florida, and departed for Martha’s Vineyard on September 14. Once on the island, the recruiter receives a disturbing message from one of them.

“We’re wandering here, unaware, people don’t even know we’re coming,” said the settler.

The immigrants spent 44 hours in Martha’s vineyard. They slept in an Episcopal church before being sent to Joint Base Cape Cod.

The recruiter indicated that he had no further contact with “Perla”. He told CNN he was warned not to talk to reporters.

“If a reporter calls you, don’t say anything,” his text message reads.

Fifty migrants, mostly Venezuelans, arrived on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard two weeks ago by plane from Texas and Florida.

Immigrants, including some Colombians, they came Emergency management on the island in the northeastern United States was forced to mobilize to provide medical care, shelter and food for two planes that unexpectedly landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Vineyard Journal.

State Sen. Julian Cyr, a Democrat, said the planeload of migrants left Texas in “a cruel ploy to manipulate families seeking a better life.”

“No one should take advantage of the difficult situation these families are in and twist it to say, ‘I let you down,'” Cyr added.

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