December 8, 2023

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Leaders were reportedly offered a $6 billion bid, which would break the all-time record

Although Jerry Jones indicated that the deal to sell the Washington Chiefs will not be resolved this week at league meetings, it appears to be gaining momentum.

The biggest move is getting the group to be willing to part with $6 billion for the team, and it happened.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the group led by Josh Harris and Mitchell Rales, which includes NBA player Magic Johnson, has made a “fully funded” $6 billion bid.

The price is noticeable. Not only would it be the sports franchise selling record but it would be Blow up the old record. The $4.65 billion sale of the Denver Broncos last year was a record. If the sale is exactly $6 billion, it’s close to 30 percent of the previous record.

Harris and Raleigh are both billionaires, and the opportunity to own a franchise that has to be among the most valuable American football leagues doesn’t come around often. After decades of Snyder running the franchise off the ground, practically everyone would welcome a new ownership group, especially one with deep pockets.

There are still hurdles to cross before the sale can be finalized, such as the current NFL owners agreeing to the sale. But Washington fans can begin to get excited: There is an official bid to buy the team, and the sad and embarrassing Snyder era is finally being brought to an end.

A formal offer was made to Washington’s leaders. (Photo by Theron W. Henderson/Getty Images)