July 14, 2024

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Leaders applauded the left’s victory in the legislative elections in France

Leaders applauded the left’s victory in the legislative elections in France

The Puebla group highlights that the organizations of the New Popular Front set aside minor differences to create a solid alternative to the brutality represented by the far right. Photo: EFE

July 7, 2024 Time: 9:01 pm

They hail it as a demonstration of the greatness and maturity of France’s political forces united against extremism.

Leaders of several countries reacted on Sunday after the left won early legislative elections in France, becoming the country’s leading political force after winning a simple majority in the National Assembly.

The victory of the left-wing coalition New Popular Front (NFP) prevented the far-right National Rally organization from gaining a legislative majority.

The French left has a clear majority in the Legislative Assembly elections

Among the heads of state and government to welcome the milestone was Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, who said in a message broadcast by X: “Congratulations to the New Popular Front for its historic victory in the parliamentary elections in France.”

“The Head of State congratulates the French people, social movements and their popular forces for this important civic day that strengthens unity and peace. Receive a big Bolivarian hug from Venezuela.

The Colombian president, Gustavo Pedro, said through the social network X: “There are wars that last a few days, but in them the fate of humanity is defined. France fought one of these wars. The Popular Front has won. “The Nazis are retreating.”

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Pedro pointed out that there is a new opportunity before humanity. He congratulated Jean Luc Mélenchon, president of the left-wing organization La Francia Insumisa.

So did Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. “I am very pleased with the demonstration of the greatness and maturity of the political forces of France united against extremism in today’s legislative elections,” he expressed in X.

What happened in France and the election results in the United Kingdom, which led to a landslide victory for Labor over the Conservatives, should serve as inspiration, he reckoned. On the other hand, he considered them to confirm “the importance of dialogue between progressive factions in the defense of democracy and social justice”.

For his part, the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, expressed in this way: “Europe is moving forward. Labor has won in the United Kingdom, and now in France a coalition of progressive forces has stopped the extreme right and its threats. Congratulations to the British and French people for protecting people’s rights and freedoms.

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In Brazil, Gleisi Hoffman, leader of the Workers’ Party (PT), congratulated Mélenchon and reflected that the legislative election results demonstrated “the failure of the neoliberal and anti-people policies implemented by the conservatives”.

From Europe, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, said: “This week, the two largest countries in Europe have chosen the same path that Spain chose a year ago: the rejection of the extreme right and a firm commitment to a society with radical and bold policies that address people’s problems on the left.

In his post, Sánchez added: “The UK and France have said yes to progress and social progress and no to regression in rights and freedoms. “No deal or government with the far right.”

In a brief statement, the Puebla Group said, “The victory of the United Left in France is great news, an example for progressivism in the world to follow. Put aside petty differences to create a solid alternative to the barbarism represented by the extreme right of @JMilei and @jairbolsonaro’s ally (Marine) Le Pen. Congratulations to the NFP, the Group and the French people for the day.

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According to press reports, as the final count was concluded, the New Popular Front (NFP) won 182 seats, including 13 independent Left representatives.

With 168 delegates, President Emmanuel Macron’s party and its allies came in second, while the far-right National Rally, which won the first round, reached 143 seats and is in third place.

Author: teleSUR – JDO

Source: EFE – Le Figaro