October 1, 2023

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Lakers vs Kings Final score: 120-114 Lakers collapse in the fourth

Lakers vs Kings Final score: 120-114 Lakers collapse in the fourth

The Lakers Finally a sub-0.500 team played on Friday and lost to the Kings 120-114. Center More players are missing gamesA protest escalates outside the stadium, and a Four games in a rowLos Angeles found a way to fall apart at four.

Facing an illness that made him decide when to match, Anthony Davis at Crypto.com Arena clearly appeared under the weather with his nose in bright red. But you didn’t see much of an impact on his game; He started with a superb assist for Lonnie Sky Walker IV, plunged into the stands to steal a pass, and had a chase block on Harrison Barnes. The Lakers still had typical first-quarter slacks, but against a weaker opponent, they were able to beat them and get off the first, even at the age of 23.

It’s no secret that the third quarter has been a challenge for Lakeshow this season and on Friday night, it was. The quarter was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams swapping strings with neither team dominating. Halfway through the fourth inning, with Dearon Fox on the bench, the Lakers were able to lead by four points but were unable to extend it. They survived the closing minutes and advance with one entering the fourth.

In the final quarter, with Anthony Davis taking one last rest, the Lakers found a mix of Russell Westbrook and Wayne Gabriel connected in two baskets. Wienen finished the night with eight points, 4/4 of the field. Ross basically ran on point, but Reeves was getting the ball a lot and making shots for himself. Once Anthony Davis returned, it was one possession game and it remained that way until DeAaron Fox opened the game against the Kings four minutes before the match was left. He finished the night with 32 and pulled the Lakers out of their misery with a turning buoy on Austin Reeves with 0:32 seconds left.

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look on the bright side

Team 2-10. I understand that positivity can seem obnoxious at this point, but I have a few things Laker Nation should be happy about.

  • Anthony Davis has been an Iron Man this season. He dealt with a lower back injury and illness and played back to back. He showed up and played hard. Sans LeBron, put the Lakers on his back and finished the night with 24 points, 2 feedback and 1 help, for being the leader this team desperately needs.
  • The Lakers are notorious for finding gems in the draft. 27 Pick Kyle Kuzma, Uncut Austin Reeves, and now Max Christie. The second-round draft pick is getting an increased role lately and looks good. On Friday, Max had 7 points and 4 rebounds. If he continues to play well and earns a rotation spot on this team, it will be another win for the Lakers’ scouting division.

The Lakers would like an actual win over . on Sunday Brooklyn Networks. They will play an opponent in the Eastern Conference in Los Angeles at 6:30 p.m., looking for their second win in a row.

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