June 5, 2023

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King Carlos III leaves a note on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin; This is what the king wrote

The King Charles iii It was a very difficult time Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, because now the king must be in front of his mother’s coffin to bid her a final farewell. However, Queen Elizabeth II’s son had one last detail with the king, because Carlos III leaves a note on Queen Elizabeth III’s coffin as a farewell.

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King Carlos III weeps at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was a highly emotional and historic moment for the entire United Kingdom, however, one of the details that caught our attention. King Carlos III wept uncontrollably when he saw his mother Elizabeth II’s coffin.. Accordingly Page SixDuring the funeral King Carlos III had to wipe away tearsBecause he could not control his feelings in such a difficult moment.

King Carlos III wept during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Photo: AFP

King Carlos III leaves a note on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

It was the last detail from King Carlos III to Queen Elizabeth II after his death The king left a note Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. According to the protocol, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin should be topped by the imperial crown, royal scepter and orb.. However, the king requested a floral arrangement in purple for his last farewell.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
King Charles III left a note on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. Photo: AFP

In the floral arrangement you can see a note written by King Carlos III. The note said: “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.”. It has been revealed that page six, The ‘R’ of the signature stands for Rex, which means king in Latin Son of Queen Isabel II He will be the new King of the United Kingdom He must respect what his mother left behind in the British monarchy.

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