June 27, 2022

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Joe Biden made a 17-minute call with Juan Quito

Quito believes it "Renewal" Strengthen the opposition unit of the parties
AFP- Joe Biden made a 17-minute call with Juan Quito.

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday called on Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Quito, who has been recognized by the US government as president.

Their conversation took place during an American flight to Los Angeles to attend the IX Summit in the United States. Excluded from the event VenezuelaAccording to the United States, Cuba and Nicaragua do not conform to democratic standards or respect human rights.

Sources related to the interim government cited We keep track They said the call lasted about 17 minutes. They talked about re-establishing the negotiation process between the Unity Platform and the government of Nicolas Maduro in order to reach an agreement that would allow parliamentary and presidential elections to be free and fair for all.

The United States has said Biden will meet with Quito

On Tuesday, June 7, US Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Brian A. Nichols noted the Biden government’s position on Juan Quito. This is after the opposition was not invited to the US summit.

However, he announced that he would contact the opposition leader Summit.

“We respect and recognize the interim government of President Juan Quito. President Joe Biden is due to make a video call with President Quito today or tomorrow, “said Nichols.

Referring to the topics discussed, he said the two sides would talk about the relationship based on the negotiation process.

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