Disturbing news has started making its way to social media about rapper JayDaYoungan. The Louisiana native has grabbed headlines in recent years because of his series of controversies By law, however, this time, several outlets reported that Jay was injured during the shooting. Details about the accident are scarce at the moment, but SayCheese She stated that she spoke to sources who allegedly confirmed the information.

After believing that the situation was critical, My Mixtapez To report that Jay allegedly died of his injuries. This has not been proven at the time of this post.

“Louisiana Rapper Jaydayoungan His father was allegedly shot today in their hometown,” Say Chase reports. He was taken to hospital by helicopter. Close sources told us he was not breathing at the time. As the story develops. [praying hands emoji]. “

JayDaYoungan fans have taken to social media to mourn the southern star, but his team has yet to speak about the controversy, and no information has been shared regarding the rapper’s father. Good wishes and prayers poured in and rumors spread about his death as condolences are already being offered.

We’ll keep you posted on this as more information emerges and hopefully JayDaYoungan will come forward. A woman identified as an alleged relative of the rapper denied the allegations of his death. Check it out below.