August 9, 2022

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James Webb Space Telescope discovers a surprising supernova

The supernova is visible in the Webb images as a small bright dot on the right of the big bright spot on the left.

The James Webb Space Telescope surprised scientists when it unexpectedly detected the first supernova, the explosion of a dying star. Scientists say the discovery could open up an entirely new field of research possibilities.

A few days after the start of its scientific operations, the James Webb Space TelescopeNIRCam’s NIRCam has spotted an unexpected bright object in a file galaxy It is called SDSS.J141930.11 + 5251593, about 3 to 4 billion light years From a land. The shiny object darkened over a period of five days, indicating that it could be a file Supernova, was caught by sheer luck shortly after the star exploded. (The astronomers compared the new observations to data archived from Hubble Space Telescope To confirm that the light was new.)