July 14, 2024

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Israeli attack on school in Gaza ‘unacceptable’ – DW – 07/10/2024

Israeli attack on school in Gaza ‘unacceptable’ – DW – 07/10/2024

“The killing of people seeking protection in schools is unacceptable. Civilians, especially children, should not be caught between the war fronts,” the Foreign Ministry wrote. GermanyIn X.

“The Israeli army’s continuous attacks on schools must stop and an investigation must begin as soon as possible,” he added.

Army Israel It confirmed that it carried out an attack in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, that Palestinian officials said killed at least 25 people and wounded more than 50 others. A nearby school where displaced Palestinian families have taken refuge.

Israel “trial”

“Using precision munitions, the Israeli Air Force struck a terrorist from an army unit Hamas “Participated in the brutal October 7 massacres carried out by the Hamas terrorist organization in southern Israel, among other terrorist activities,” the army said in a statement.

Israel Defense Forces are “investigating “There are reports that civilians were injured near Alawda School in southern Khan Yunis, close to where the attack took place,” he added, without elaborating.

Israel has repeatedly struck what it says are military targets across Gaza since the war began nine months ago.

He inaugurated last week Air strikes on two UNRWA schools in Gaza City, north of the Palestinian border, killing at least 5 people. At least 16 people died over the weekend Bombing of another UNRWA school in Nusirat refugee camp, in the strip center. In both cases, the Israeli military confirmed they were “covertly” used by Hamas militants, which are considered a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States.

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The war broke out on October 7, 2023, after a Hamas attack against Israel killed around 1,200 people and kidnapped more than 250 others. Since then, Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip have killed 38,243 people, wounded 88,033 and left thousands missing under the rubble, according to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry. Statistics verified by WHO.

In addition, nearly two million internally displaced people survive in the midst of disaster, famine, and shortages of water, medicine, and fuel.