July 18, 2024

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Investigators say a Southwest Airlines plane that did a “Dutch roll” suffered structural damage

Investigators say a Southwest Airlines plane that did a “Dutch roll” suffered structural damage

Investigators say a Southwest Airlines plane sustained damage to parts of the structure after it went into a “Dutch roll” during a flight last month.

a Boeing 737 Max Parts of the aircraft structure were damaged after the collision “Dutch roll” During a Southwest Airlines flight last month, US investigators said Friday.

The accident occurred while the plane was flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet from Phoenix to Oakland, California, on May 25, but… Southwest Didn’t notice National Transportation Safety Board The NTSB said no aircraft had rolled or been damaged as of June 7.

“Following the event, SWA performed maintenance on the aircraft and discovered damage to structural components,” the safety board said.

The NTSB’s comment may suggest the crash was more serious than previously known, but aviation experts said it’s too early to know for sure.

A Southwest spokesman said the Dallas-based airline is participating in the investigation. He declined further comment.

A Dutch roll is a combination of yaw, or sliding the tail from side to side, and pitching the aircraft in such a way that the wings roll up and down. The name comes from the way the rhythmic, swaying motion resembles a form of ice skating that was popular in Holland.

“It’s just part of the aerodynamics,” said John Cox, a former airline pilot who now works as an aviation safety consultant. “What you feel at the back is the plane is wallowing.”

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Pilots train to recover from Dutch roll, and most modern aircraft include a device called a yaw damper that can correct the condition by adjusting the rudder. a Preliminary report by Federal Aviation Administration After the Southwest plane landed, damage was discovered in the unit that controls the rudder’s backup power, he said.

The damage was described as “significant.”

Cox said the structural damage likely occurred in the plane’s tail fin, where the power units are located. He was puzzled that the backup unit was damaged because normally it would not activate during a Dutch lap.

Two-way oscillation of the Dutch roll was a serious phenomenon on previous Boeing planes, but not on the 737 due to design changes, Cox said.

Boeing 737 aircraft are not susceptible to excessive Dutch roll. “The plane was designed (such that) if it did nothing at all, the plane would naturally discourage the Dutch from taking off.” “On older model aircraft — 707, 727 — it can progress to the point where you may lose control of the plane.”

The NTSB said it downloaded data from the plane, a Boeing 737 Max 8This will help investigators determine the length and severity of the accident.

Investigators will never know exactly what it is Pilots But we were saying: The cockpit voice recorder was overwritten after two hours.

The pilots regained control and landed in Auckland. No injuries were reported on board the plane, which was carrying 175 passengers and six crew members.

The NTSB said it expects to issue a preliminary report on the incident in about 30 days.

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