December 8, 2023

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Inac announces restrictions on flights to and from Venezuela due to pandemic

The National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (Inac), in an official statement, said restrictions on air entry to Venezuela and departures to the rest of the world are maintained due to the global increase in commercial and private aircraft and aviation in general. In infections caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused by COVID-19.

As an exception, he said, only commercial air operations for the transfer of passengers between the Bolivarian Republic and the following countries are authorized and maintained: Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Brazil, Islamic Republic of Iran, Algeria and Qatar.

He urged airline operators not to sell tickets on routes other than the above-mentioned countries and not to buy tickets for passengers that contravene these public health precautions.

In addition, Venezuela’s airports and flight facilities will continue preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus, for which travelers are asked to wear masks, goggles, gloves, frequent hand washing, and practice physical distancing. And any other element of health prevention in general.

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