December 8, 2023

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Immigrants walk off the job after controversial Florida law passes [+Video]

Immigrants walk off the job after controversial Florida law passes [+Video]

The Controversial immigration law Approved by the Florida Congress and signed by the governor this Wednesday, Ron DeSantis, is already causing a heavy impact on the state’s labor sector. In various videos shared on social networks, you can see Abandoned constructions and completely empty fields Due to lack of migrant workers.

Both employees and employers are scared by the new law. Workers did not turn up for their work Fear of deportation And it was known Law SB 1718 It imposes heavy fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants, threatening to revoke their operating rights.

Under this new rule, No company should enter into contracts without first verifying a candidate’s immigration status.

As he exposes Miami DailyNew action Any immigration permit issued by other states is invalid. Therefore, if a worker processed the documents outside of Florida, it would be invalid and therefore their status would remain invalid.

On the other hand, the document emphasizes that health centres Accept the Medicaid system, they need to collect information on patients’ immigration status. Likewise, hospitals Quarterly reports should be submitted indicating the number of visits received.

Each report should describe the admitted patients U.S. citizens, whether they are legal, or whose status is deficient or unknown.

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