July 24, 2024

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“I’ll come, he’ll get out of bed”: Brain-dead Venezuelan mother in US

“I’ll come, he’ll get out of bed”: Brain-dead Venezuelan mother in US

Nileth Chaccone Try to be strong though As a mother she experiences the worst pain of her life: her son being in a coma And could not hug or care for him.

This Venezuelan mother waits in Bogotá to be approved for a humanitarian visa to enter Dallas, Texas, and hugs her son. Johnny Joan BenitezReview Univision.

The man, aged 31, From Venezuela, is declared brain dead and alone in a hospital bed. To his 31-year-old son, He got into an accident On May 26, it left him in this position.

“My biggest fear is losing him and not being with him, that’s my biggest fear,” says Chacon.

Only a humanitarian visa would allow this mother to visit her son Take care of him because he promises to be alone in Texas with no family to take care of him in a coma.

I don’t want to go to that country, stay. “I’m going because I want to be with my son and my son needs me,” pleads Sagan.

In his native Venezuela, Johnny Benitez was a prolific athlete who even competed in his country’s professional soccer league.

The situation in his country forced him to migrate. He leaves everything behind and lives in America for four years.. In Dallas, where he worked and lived, he had no immediate family. A friend of the Chacon family sent us her story through the Univision application Reportalo.

Video calls are the only thing that connects this mother and son, she asks him to be strong: “First, I tell him to be strong, he is a warrior and must wait for me. I’m going to come in and he’s going to get out of bed,” says Nileth Chacon.

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Meanwhile, Johnny is admitted to Dallas Methodist Hospital, unaware that his mother is looking for ways to hug and care for him.