July 12, 2024

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I put something? Search 91.7 million files from the 80s, 90s and 2000s

Zoom / Search millions of old files with Discmaster.

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Today, technical archivist Jason Scott announce A new site called disaster It allows anyone to search through 91.7 million old computer files pulled from CD and floppy disk versions. Files include photos, text documents, music, games, shared software, videos, and more.

Discmaster opens a window into digital media culture at the turn of the millennium, turning anyone into a potential digital archaeologist. It’s a rare look at a piece of cultural history that is often obscured by the challenges of aging media and file format incompatibility.

The files on Discmaster come from the Internet Archive, which has been uploaded by thousands of people over the years. The new site brings them together behind a search engine with the ability to perform detailed searches by file type, format, source, size, date, and many other options.

“A value proposition is the value proposition of any freely accessible research database,” Scott told Ars Technica. “People are empowered to do more deeply in history, refer back to their findings, and encourage others to look in the same place.”

searching for
Zoom / Searching for “Beatles” on Discmaster returns images, sounds you can hear, and documents you can read.

Ars Technica

Discmaster is the work of a group of anonymous, history-loving programmers who contacted Scott to host him. Scott says Discmaster is “99.999 percent” work for that anonymous group, right down to the old gray theme that’s compatible with older hardware web browsers. Scott says he slapped a name on it and volunteered to host it on his site. While Scott was an employee of the Internet Archive, he says Discmaster is “100 percent unaffiliated” with that organization.

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One of the most notable features of Discmaster is that it has already done a lot of file format conversions at the back end, making it easier to access old files. For example, you can search for old music files – such as MIDI or even digital Amiga sounds – and listen to them directly in your browser without the need for any additional tools. The same goes for low-resolution video files of the early ’90s, images in obscure formats, and various types of documents.

“It’s got all the diversion to let you preview things right away,” Scott says. “So there is no additional external fixation. To me, that’s the primary strength of what we’re dealing with here.”

In the Discmaster Twitter ad series, people are already using the service to rediscover their software Lost During the 90s, rarely BBS . filesAnd the ZZT worldsAnd the bitmap fontssharing software they wrote More than 20 years ago, and antique music software. There is a lot of user generated data in the suite, not just the pro versions.

With Discmaster, you can search through old image CDs on many topics.
Zoom / With Discmaster, you can search through old image CDs on many topics.

Ars Technica

“It’s probably, to me, one of the most important research project opportunities in computer history that we’ve had in 10 years,” Scott says. “It’s not done. They’ve parsed 7,000 CDs and some are weird. They’re about to make another 8,000.”

Since humans are humans, you’ll also find a large amount of old porn represented in the Discmaster dataset – it’s easy to come across as a coincidence. Users who wish to avoid NSFW material should select Strict in the SafeSearch options near the bottom.

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Casting an extensive archival network, everything is captured and available in its uncut form. “The [resources] Scott says they pick CDs for assembly and presentation, as are the best demo CDs.

Scott is no stranger to the radical work of digital archiving, having participated in them Backup GeoCities, save flash files, industry Thousands of MS-DOS games can be played through a web browser, and more. On his personal website, Textfiles.com, he hosted BBS and . file archives CDs For nearly two decades. But until now, these resources have never been searchable with the degree of accuracy that Discmaster allows.

“Some people probably don’t want to go through a pile of old stuff,” he says. “But if you’re someone who would affect a pile of old things really positively, this is Shangri-La.”