July 22, 2024

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Hungary uses Trump in EU presidency logo – POLITICO

Hungary uses Trump in EU presidency logo – POLITICO

“It is a sign of an active presidency,” said Hungarian EU Affairs Minister János Buka. “It actually shows a clear expectation that together we must be stronger than individuals, but we must be allowed to remain who we are when we come together. It also captures the idea that Europe is capable of becoming an independent global actor in our changing world.”

Journalists at a press conference questioned the Trumpian echoes of the new slogan. “You don’t have the feeling that you’ve seen it before because of the Trump slogan. I don’t know if Donald Trump wants to make Europe great again,” Boca said.

The presidency also unveiled a Rubik’s Cube as its emblem, which Boca described as “the quintessence of Hungarian genius.”

The minister explained that Hungary will use its presidency to introduce a new competitive agricultural deal that is “farmer-centred” and seeks “more efficient protection of external borders, to manage the root causes of migration – and to improve a more efficient return policy.”

At the same time, he continued, there will be active efforts to push forward the progress of the European Union’s enlargement, and “we want to take substantive steps regarding Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.” There have been concerns that Budapest is seeking to obstruct or slow down Kiev’s candidacy, given that Orban has publicly sought to undermine relations with Ukraine and sought closer ties with Moscow.

It is expected that whoever holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union will be a neutral mediator and put his national interests aside to ensure the passage of legislation. However, European politicians fear Budapest will use its prominent position to its advantage as it seeks to change its position in key policy areas.

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