October 1, 2023

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Hugh Jackman begs Ryan Reynolds not to be nominated for Best Original Song – Rolling Stone

Hugh Jackmanstaring into the abyss of a potentially horrific portrayal Deadpool 3He petitioned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not to give his cast Ryan Reynolds Nomination for Best Original Song for Lusty Track “Good Afternoon”.

At the end of last year, “Good Evening” – by Reynolds A recent Christmas flick With Will Ferrell and Octavia Butler – appeared on Academy shortlist for Original Song of the Year (actual nominations won’t be announced until January 24). However, the news only seems to have reached Jackman, who shared a video on social media voicing his concerns about this development (which is technically entirely moot, but more on that in a second).

Jackman did of course embrace his love Lustyand the film stars Good Morning itself, two songwriters Benji Pasek and Justin Paul (who wrote the music for the Jackman musical biopic starring The greatest showman). However, he stressed, “A Best Song nomination for Ryan Reynolds will make the next year of my life unbearable.”

And he continued, saying: I mean, I spent a year shooting with him Wolverine and Deadpool. Torst me, it would be impossible. It will be a problem. So, just to recap, baby LustyI love Will, I love Octavia, I love Good Evening, I love Bing and Justin. But please, from the bottom of my heart – don’t trust Ryan Reynolds in that way. Please.”

Now, not for Hugh Jackman’s “Well, Actually,” let alone his ridiculous, yet scandalous Oscar campaign but… well, actually, even if “Good After Night” gets an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, Reynolds wouldn’t be among the nominees. The award is given only to songwriters and composers, not performers, and only Pasek, Paul, Khion Horsey, Mark Sonnenblick and Sucari Jones are credited for “Good Afternoon”.


At best, Reynolds will likely get the chance to perform “Good Afternoon” at the Academy Awards. Or as he said sarcastically in response to Jackman’s video on Twitter“I think the deepfake who sang and danced for Will and would love to perform at the Academy Awards.”

So, rest easy, Hugh. She is probably the only highest-billed Oscar nominee in the world Deadpool 3 set this year (unless there were a surprising number of Academy voters who loved Reynolds’ performance in Adam Project or Lusty).

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