February 5, 2023

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How to get a Wordle tip without spoiling everything

How to get a Wordle tip without spoiling everything

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See, games are for fun. I won’t judge how you play Wordle, Solitaire, or any other game where “cheating” is an impossible concept. If you play for yourself, you can get to the answer any way you want. And maybe that means you want a hint sometimes.

Wordle is tricky if you only want a file a little To tip, but don’t want to spoil everything. If you are doing crossword puzzles, you can google for some clues and just rely on your brainpower to solve the rest. But literally Wordle one word, which is only five letters, you either know it or you don’t. If you are lucky to have a friend solve it in front of you, you can ask what letter it begins with, or give you a hint about the general meaning of the word. (One day I saw a tweet that mentioned rose and stomach problems, and after a guess or two that day, I clicked – the word was ULCER.)

But what if you don’t have a companion to live with? It turns out there is an easier way: Check Google News.

There are quite a few outlets that publish Wordle hints and answers every day. One in particular, called Try Hard Guides, gives a lot of hints in its titles, obviously aimed at people looking in the middle of the puzzle. Things like “5 letter words with OAS in the middle” or “5 letter words starting with ST and ending with G.” (These refer to different puzzles, of course.) You can stop there – if you know there’s a G somewhere, seeing that address can help you put it together without extra guesswork.

You can go directly to the source by paying Try the Wordle page for Hard Guides; There seems to be a spoiler-free tip article published every day. Other places to find hints include Gfinity Esports (which gives hints about the meaning of the word of the day) and Express.co.uk (which tells you the starting letter and the number of vowels).

Even better, if you want more personalized help, check out Try Hard’s halal tool. You can enter the yellow and green letters of any Wordle puzzle and get a list of suggested possibilities and guesses.

If you want something more perverted, I love Scrabble word finderWhich allows you to put some letters for you I know present in the word, along with up to two question marks to represent the ambiguous letters. It’s good to know three letters but you don’t know exactly where to go. it’s a Not It’s calibrated according to the Wordle dictionary, so you’ll get plenty of weird Scrabble words to delve into. Overtime means it still feels like a puzzle, in my opinion – kind of like when you’re in a video game and you have to go on a side quest to find a key to open a locked door.

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