July 18, 2024

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How the Drama Ended After Just One Season on CBS – Deadline

How the Drama Ended After Just One Season on CBS – Deadline

Despite the huge outcry from loyal fans, Eastern New York It ended its one-season run on CBS Sunday.

The Warner Bros. television series concluded. From creators William Finkelstein and Mike Flynn an emotional gathering of leads have their last drink together – Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood (the gorgeous Amanda Warren), Assistant Chief John Suarez (Jimmy Smith), Det. Crystal Morales (Elizabeth Rodriguez), Det. Tommy Killian (Kevin Rankin), Officer Brandi Quinlan (Olivia Lucardi), Officer Marvin Sandford (Robin Santiago Hudson), Officer Andre Bentley (Lavelle Schley) and Captain Stan Yenko (Richard Kind).

Yenko gives a toast to Haywood, who thanks her for putting him back on the force as he “came to love her again”. His words made Haywood cry.

The episode concluded a double murder from the previous episode at Ruskin Gardens, where Quinlan was living as part of Haywood’s unique initiative to have the officers live in crime-ridden areas. Quinlan is initially cocky for letting a young parolee named Tyson move into the projects – which is public housing not – but she makes it her mission to prove that the kid wasn’t responsible for the fatal shootings.

However, the incident puts Haywood’s job in jeopardy as ambitious top-ups like Chief Warren Donaldson (Danny Mastro-Georgio) seek to kill off their police project. In the end, Heywood prevailed because Quinlan helped find the real shooter. The program and Haywood’s job will be saved!

At the end of the episode, Heywood toasts her loneliness in the pub by saying “You didn’t quit, you didn’t get on the phone. You did what you were doing. You got it done.”

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ENY And SWAT It was thought to be competing for one slot before the latter show was finally renewed ENY has not been. Both come from outside studios, and both are rare drama series with black heroes and diverse casts. while SWAT Older and more expensive, it also has a great track record with an established fan base and solid ratings.

Still, ENY Drawing larger linear numbers than the other two CBS drama series that have been renewed for next season, New Fellow So Todd helped me And CSI: Vegasboth of which come from CBS’ sister network CBS Studios.

Now that the WGA hit is in full force, a new home is being found for the ENY It’s considered a long shot but the show’s creative sponsors and their reps give it a try. Finkelstein, Flynn, Michael M. Rubin, and Ed Redlich served as executive producers. Also executive producer was former CBS programming executive Tom Sherman, who developed the series.

“I am very proud of the show we put on,” Sherman told Deadline. “The ENY team led by Billy Finkelstein, Mike Flynn, Mike Rubin, Mo McCrae, Ed Redlich, and our stellar team led by the incredible Amanda Warren have put in an incredible 21 episodes of TV. It’s a shame we may not be doing more.”