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How much might a 1996 Roosevelt coin be worth | composition

in the world Coin collection, sometimes seemingly ordinary things have extraordinary value, so I suggest you look twice or more before spending what you get or throwing it into oblivion in your pocket or somewhere in your house. Worth a fortune. This is the case of the 1996 Roosevelt 10-cent coin, which was minted. West Point Mint (with “W” mintmark)It costs more than its face value in the current market, if you get it and then auction it off among experts in the field.

1996 Roosevelt Time President Franklin D. Issued in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Time series dedicated to Roosevelt. Although they are not for general circulation, these coins are included in special collections American mint That year for collection purposes. However, since many of them were printed and their face value was not very high, most of these copies were used to buy goods or services, so you may find them lying around in change or on the street. hard Do you want to know more?

1996 Roosevelt 10 Cent Coins

Approximately 1.5 million of these coins were minted at West Point, making them relatively rare compared to other coins in the series. This low mintage contributes significantly to its value among collectors. The fact that they were printed there has a special value that not many people know about. It turns out that the politician hails from Hyde Park, New York State and, for a change, was the state’s governor before becoming the nation’s first and only four-term president.

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Taking into account all that has been mentioned so far, it is logical that a commemorative piece can fetch a lot of money among collectors, but as always, among other details, depends on its state of preservation. According to experts, a coin in good condition can be worth hundreds of dollars. Even if it’s not that much money, selling it is a big deal because, in theory, they’re only worth 10 cents in circulation, so the profit is very high.

1996 Roosevelt Coin For Collector’s Purposes Only (Photo: eBay)

How much are Roosevelt 10 cent coins worth?

The value of a 1996-W Roosevelt coin varies considerably depending on its condition. For example:

  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-64): Up to $14.
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-65): Up to $16.
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-66): Up to $25.
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-67): Up to $32.
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-68): Up to $60.
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Time (MS-69): up to $425.

If you find one of these coins in your collection, it’s worth more than you think. Especially if it’s in exceptional condition, it’s a good idea to consult with a specialist dealer or collector to determine its exact value. The numismatic market is affected by supply, demand and specimen quality, so having accurate information can help you make informed decisions about your numismatic collection.

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