July 24, 2024

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Hezbollah leader holds talks with Hamas in Gaza – DW – 07/05/2024

Hezbollah leader holds talks with Hamas in Gaza – DW – 07/05/2024

Head of a pro-Iranian Islamist group HezbollahHassan Nasrallah met with representatives of the Palestinian radical Islamic movement Hamaswith whom he managed negotiations Israel to reach a cease-fire in Gaza StripThe Lebanese formation reported this Friday (07/05/2024).

“Discussed the current status of the negotiations, the context surrounding them and the recommendations proposed to end the treacherous occupation against the Palestinian people in Gaza,” Shia group In a statement issued by Hezbollah.

The delegation to Hamas – an organization considered a terrorist organization by the European Union, the United States and other countries – was led by the movement’s No. 2 in Gaza, Jalil al-Hayya, who has also headed some of the negotiating teams sent to Cairo in recent years. It took months to find an agreed solution to the war in the enclave.

According to the memo, during the meeting the parties reviewed recent developments in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, where Hamas’ allies, such as Hezbollah, have drawn support for Gaza from those fighting against Israel. at different levels.

Bombing smoke in Lebanon. (File photo).Picture: RABIH DAHER/AFP/Getty Images

These parallel wars are led by different members of an informal anti-Israel and pro-Iran coalition, including Yemen’s Houthi rebels or Iraq’s Shiite militias.

The main front, however, is in southern Lebanon, from where Hezbollah has been engaged in intense clashes with Israeli forces along the common border for nearly nine months, in the worst clashes between the two sides since their war in the summer of 2006.

According to a Hezbollah statement, during this Friday’s meeting with Hamas “both parties reaffirmed their commitment to continue coordination on the field and at the political level to achieve their desired objectives.”

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