November 27, 2022

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Hector Marino Nunez Ramirez | Colombia | Heartbreaking video of Colombian crossing Darien to America | Empty | Description | EC Stories | the world

Colombian Hector Marino Nunez Ramirez joins caravans of migrants seeking to reach Central America through the jungle. .

In a video posted on the network, the man can be seen collapsing and voices are heard telling him not to let himself die. Darien Forest. His relatives, in a chain of prayers, raised pleas to know his fate in a journey described as hellish.

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The story comes from Hector Marino Nunez Ramirez, who worked in Ibiales, a border town between Nariño and Ecuador.

Last month he returned to visit his family, who live in the National neighborhood on the Western Slopes. empty. But he came up with the idea of ​​continuing his journey in search of the so-called “American Dream”.

Some relatives told him that he was a danger, but he wanted to give his life and that of his relatives a better future. He decided to leave. Initially, he went to a border more than 700 kilometers away, called Darien Gap.

That man, perhaps with others traveling the path, would have advanced until he reached the path. Darien133,000 migrants passed through it in 2021.

A large number of Haitians were on the expedition, but now Venezuelans and a few Colombians did not join.

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It is a displacement for which there are no official statistics on deaths or disappearances. Last year there was a serious social crisis when 25,000 migrants congregated on the edge of Necogli, seven hours from Medellin. border with Panama.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced on TikTok that left the family speechless and grieving Nunez RamirezIn empty.

The man first appears collapsed on a beach of sorts, in shorts, shirtless and covered in mud. He is later seen sitting down in another video in which he is covered in mud on his face and repeats that he can’t take it anymore.

Voices are heard from Venezuelans encouraging him to get back on track.

“My legs are weak and they hurt,” she says Nunez Ramirez And a voice repeated “Stretch them, let’s go”. The Colombian asks to be taken, but they tell him “You can’t, even if you’re skinny. The night has overtaken us.”

“The last news we have about Hector is that he was in Camp 3, but we don’t know if he is still there. We are telling them that no one should take such a dangerous route.says one of Kali’s close friends from the national neighborhood.

Relatives, with a chain of prayers, are asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ombudsman’s office and anyone who knows of his whereabouts “for mercy to find out if he is okay and help him get out of there.” Amma is waiting to hear about her fate.

In mid-August, through the same social network, a Haitian woman was abandoned on the road and received help from Venezuelans.

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They say they had been walking for four days and the group dumped her and left. “We are Venezuelans, we will not let her die. If we have to walk two or three more days, we will take it. We Venezuelans are making this humanitarian gesture.