July 12, 2024

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He paid his stepson to kill a former partner

He paid his stepson to kill a former partner

For $500, two men aged 24 and 31 assaulted a woman at a farm in Parinas.

Courtesy | Prisoners and sources are known to the Public Ministry

The Scientific, Criminological and Criminal Investigation Squad (Cicpc) arrested a woman and three men for the murder of MarĂ­a Auxiliadora Castillo Vivas; The incident took place on April 7 in Parinas state.

Apparently, the 46-year-old citizen paid his stepson (24) $500 to kill his ex-partner, Maria Auxiliadora Castillo Vivas (35). As Commissioner Douglas Rico, director of the Science Police Department, pointed out, the couple would have divorced because of gender-based violence. Hence, security measures were taken. After the breakup, the man moved to Colombia, returned with a new 43-year-old partner, and planned to take Castillo’s life with her.

According to investigations, a third person, 31 years old, accompanied the boy to the farm where Maria Auxiliadora worked, located in the Melanero Arriba sector of the municipality of Cruz Paredes.

There, the woman was shot dead in front of her three-year-old daughter. A farm worker tried to stop the attack, but was beaten, according to Rico.

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