July 18, 2024

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He flew 1,500 kilometers to beat someone he was fighting in an online game

He flew 1,500 kilometers to beat someone he was fighting in an online game

The attacker flew from Newark, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida.

A New Jersey (USA) teenager, identified as Edward Kong, was arrested in the state of Florida and accused of attacking another man with a hammer during an argument over an online video game called ArcheAge.

Sheriff Bill Leeper of Nassau County, Florida, announced that Kang, 20, was arrested on Sunday, June 23, in Ferdinand Beach, after agents received a tip about the fight and explained that the inmate is facing a second attempt. Degree murder.

According to the investigation, a few days before the attack, Kong took a Delta flight from Newark, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida, and then bought a hammer and flashlight at a hardware store, the receipts of which were in the hotel room where he was staying.

In addition, Leeper revealed that Kang told his family that he was going to Florida to visit a friend he met years ago in a video game.

How did the attack happen?

According to police, Kong, wearing a black dress, gloves and a mask, entered the home early Sunday morning through an unlocked door and waited in a hallway until the victim paused a video game to go to the bathroom. As he was attacked, the stepfather heard cries for help, and when he went to see what was happening, he found Kong and his stepson fighting on the ground.

After receiving the alert, police officers went to the home and upon arrival “found a significant amount of blood in the entrance of the home and in the victim’s bedroom,” Leeper explained.

The sheriff confirmed that Kang and the victim had never met in person before and only knew each other through an online video game called ArcheAge. “I don’t know what happened between the victim and the suspect, but something had to drive the suspect to Florida and hurt that person,” he said.

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Finally, he revealed the inmate was asked why he carried out the attack, and he responded that he did it because the victim was “a nasty person online” and asked how long he could serve in prison for housebreaking offences. And aggressive, so Leeper said: “Mr. Kong, I’d say it’s going to be a long time before I play video games again.”

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