July 17, 2024

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Gran Turismo 7 players get 1 million free credits after a hard update

Gran Turismo 7 The developer is Polyphony Digital Apologies for the recent changes to the game economy It promises promising improvements, along with a million free credits. These changes come after the game saw a Massive outage last weekwhich was the result of an update that also made changes to how players earn credits by actually playing the game rather than microtransactions.

at Posted on PlayStation BlogPolyphony President Kazunori Yamauchi apologized for the “frustration and confusion this past week has caused with patch updates that have resulted in not only server outages but also modifications to the in-game economy that were made without a clear explanation to our community.” As a “goodwill gesture,” the company promises to give players an “unpaid credit package of one million” credit.

The post states that users should see the credits in their account “soon” and that they will only be given to people who own the game before the post goes live. However, the credits will not be automatically added to your balance; To get it, go to Garage > Gifts, and redeem a million credit cards. You have some time to do that – Polyphony says “Be sure to log into the game before April 25th to claim credits.”

The post explains that the changes to the in-game economy were made in order to “offer more accurate rewards based on investment of time and completion,” something Yamauchi touched upon before when talking about the blackout. At the time, he said he couldn’t explain any upcoming changes in detail, but Friday’s post appears to be that explanation.

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The post describes a patch coming out at the beginning of April, that aims to “recreate the reward system with greater balance throughout the game to benefit all players.” After the update, players should note:

  • Almost double the rewards for ‘Last Half Events of the Global Arena’
  • “High Rewards” for getting all the gold and bronze in the Arena experience
  • Increased rewards for online races
  • Eight one-hour endurance races in missions, which will have “higher reward settings
  • An upper limit on the number of unpaid credits users can have, up to 100 million out of 20 million
  • More used and legendary cars are sold simultaneously

The post also states that it will be rolling out in the “near term” – although it doesn’t specify a date for these changes or more details. These changes are:

  • Increase the value of payments for limited-time rewards
  • More additions to the World Arena events
  • Endurance races have been added to missions, including 24 hour races
  • Online time trials are added, with rewards given “according to player difference with the highest rated time”
  • Players will be able to sell their cars (Keep in mind your days are numbered, 1965 Mini Cooper)

from appearance Gran Turismo And the PS5 subreddits, users generally seem happy with the changes, particularly the fact that you can sell your cars (although there are some questions about whether you’ll be able to sell gifted cars and whether you’ll get GameStop prices for them). One big problem that hasn’t been addressed, though, is the game’s reliance on an internet connection to work. Server maintenance last week Put the game offline for more than a dayany very limited How can you play it.

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Given that last Friday refers to GT7 As a “live service”, it doesn’t seem like we should hold our breath for any changes that would make the game more focused on offline. However, the updates we know we’ll get are exciting, both in terms of making the game more enjoyable and in adding new (if stressful) experiences to it.

Update March 28, 12:12 PM ET: Additional instructions to redeem 1 million free credits.