July 19, 2024

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Gordon Ramsay was involved in a “really bad” bike accident, and showed off nasty bruises

Gordon Ramsay was involved in a “really bad” bike accident, and showed off nasty bruises

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Gordon Ramsay is lucky to be alive.

The 57-year-old “Hell’s Kitchen” host revealed on Saturday that he was treated in hospital after being injured in a “very bad” bike accident in Connecticut.

“It really shocked me. Honestly, I’m lucky to be here,” he said in a video shared on Instagram and X.

Ramsay wrote in a comment on the post that he was “in good condition and did not suffer any broken bones or any serious injuries,” but he was “a bit bruised and looks like a purple potato.”

In the clip, he lifts his chef coat to reveal a huge bruise wrapped around his torso.

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USA TODAY has reached out to Ramsay’s rep for updates.

The celebrity chef did not share many details about the accident, but he said he was treated at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London, and thanked the “trauma surgeons, doctors (and) nurses” who took care of him.

Ramsay, who said he was “in pain” after the “brutal” week, also turned his update into a public service announcement about the importance of wearing a helmet, telling his followers he wouldn’t be “here right now” if he didn’t. He posted pictures before and after the accident, the latter showing his shattered helmet.

“You have to wear a helmet,” Ramsay emphasized. “I don’t care how short the flight is. I don’t care about the fact that these helmets cost money. But it’s crucial.”

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The “Kitchen Nightmares” star received many supportive comments on his Instagram post, with celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni writing: “Wow – this is really scary. Glad you’re okay.” Other followers expressed their shock at the size of Ramsay’s bruise. “This is evil,” one comment read. “Glad you’re okay, Chef.”

Ramsay’s message came after Nina Dobrev, 35, said last month that she was injured in a bicycle accident. The Vampire Diaries star posted before and after photos on Instagram, the first showing her on an e-bike and the second showing her in the hospital. She commented on the post, saying: “How it started and how things are going.”

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“I’m fine but we’ll have a long road to recovery,” Dobrev also wrote in an Instagram Story at the time.

Contributing: Kimmy Robinson, USA TODAY